Saturday, 31 December 2011

happy new year

To all My friends
have a Happy New Year, may the new year bring you peace and happiness x

great news, saw the cardiologist yesterday and my heart is fine, I have got to have a scan but this is just to make sure everything is ok, my blood pressure was a bit low and I have to keep an eye on that, and i have to rest more and none or little stress!!!, he said it will take me a long while for my body to get over the massive bilateral embolism and heart attack that I had in may of this year, and I have got to stay on the warfarin as they are helping me to keep alive, as my blood clots for no reason, then he said Happy New Year, buggar

I am so glad I have my miniatures to keep me sane, new projects here I come
have a great day and see you in 2012. x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to reality

 I hope you have all had a nice Christmas,
 I had a nice  Christmas we had a quiet  day Christmas day, then the family round on boxing day, so pleased my son and his girlfriend got engaged Christmas day, that was a lovely surprise, not sure when the wedding will be, he wants to finish his degree first so at least a year and a half to wait, never mind gives me time to save.

Had some lovely presents, no minis, but did get some money to buy some, now its all over and just New year to come,

I finally got a chance today to get into my work room, what is it about new year, I decided to paint one wall in my room, and change some things around, having a clear out and trying to get a bit more organised, I start off with good intentions and some how everything gets in a muddle, oh well maybe one day it will be tidy,

had some good news I think, saw the Orthopaedist Wednesday, he has said I need a scan on my rt. arm then a operation as he thinks I have impingement syndrome, in layman's terms it means I have a small bit of tendon catching on the bone, so now waiting for another appointment.

Friday its the cardiologist, for my heart, I will be so glad when this year is over and hopefully I will start to feel more like my old self,

I have been thinking about my next project and have a few ideas, going to check out my stash to see what gets my interest, something different I think, we will see,

going to see if my paint is dry, catch you all soon

Friday, 23 December 2011


There is only 2 sleeps left and the big day is here, the house is decorated, presents are wrapped, food is brought,   I am ready.
Yesterday I went to the big supermarket to buy some bits I had forgotten from my list, now this year I have kept to a budget, some of my presents have been hand made, they have been wrapped in brown paper and string with  added decorations I have found on the big wide web, I made my cards, I cut back on the food, as last year a lot ended up in the bin, in the shop every where I looked there were people with trolleys so full, and I thought its only one day, most of the shops will be open on Boxing day, why do we do this to ourselves, we have to have everything even if we do not like it, after all its Christmas, we seem to of forgotten the meaning of Christmas, yes its a celebration, but of the birth of Jesus and the start of Christianity, do we really need all we buy, will the world stop if we go without the nuts, I just ask when you are shopping just think of those who cannot have what we have, and just give one little item to them, I thank you,
I hope you will forgive this rant, and understand my meaning, I do not want to upset anyone as these are just my thoughts.

I also want to say for those who have lost loved ones, take a few minutes, remember them, shed a few tears, we are allowed to, after all they are still part of our lives even if they are no longer with us, every year I am the first one up, and I sit quietly and I do cry for the daughter I lost and my dad who is no longer here, it does not spoil my day, but I feel that I have included them.
To all the friends I have made, my followers, I wish you all  a Very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year
Debbie x

Sunday, 18 December 2011

I'm ready

Yes I am all ready, presents wrapped, cards written, decorations up. last night I finished my son's jumper, very pleased with the end result, cannot show you a picture just in case he reads my blog, I just hope it fits.

No time for minis, I am visiting relatives, having visitors, my little dogs are having their nails cut this week and maybe a trim, and yes they have presents under the tree, my little puppy, Muppet has been so good, apart from her first look at the tree she has not bothered with it, they both seem fascinated by the lights, they do sit and look at them.

I am really busy after Christmas I have 2 hospital appointments in different hospitals, one is for my rt. arm and shoulder, to see if they can relieve the pain, the other is at the cardiology unit, I have been having a bit of chest pain, my GP thinks its indigestion, but in view of my problems earlier this year ( I had a heart attack and bilateral clots to my lungs ) she felt it would be wise for me to see a specialist, love the way she said do not worry but if you get severe pain dial 999!!!  hopefully it will prove to be nothing.

Looking forward to seeing my son, Thomas he is home from Scotland this week, its been ages since I saw him, having him home is a great present I need no more.

Well my friends all that is left for me to do is to wish you all              
                                               A HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

Monday, 12 December 2011

good news

Really pleased this week, I sold Santa's work shop, now got room for my next project, not sure yet what it will be. I am going to look in my shed to see what I have in there, I know I have a dolls house, a conservatory and a couple of room boxes, so over the Christmas period I will be thinking about what I will be doing, any suggestions?

I have been making little pin cushions as a pressie for my mates at the craft club, we are having a party this week, that will be fun.

At home I am all ready for Christmas, pressies brought, shopping done, I have been buying bits over the year, plus making presents and cards, well done me.

I have been enjoying myself looking though your wonderful blogs, there is so much beautiful work out there and a lot of talented people,

hope you all have a great day, see you all soon

Thursday, 8 December 2011

some photos

Hi all, today I got the dolls house finished, this is the one I had to paint for my cousins grandchildren, its their Christmas present, she will be collecting at the weekend, hope its what she wanted.
I have also added a photo of my Christmas tree,
well that's all for now, see you soon

the dolls house

Christmas tree, homemade decs and presents wrapped in brown paper and string

my Father Christmases

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Its beginning to feel like Christmas

Its beginning to feel like Christmas, this week my son and I have put up the decorations, they consist of a tree, with my hand made decorations and my collection of Father Christmas ornaments, I used to have so many that it would take me all day to put them out, I have now been more selective and now only have a few special ones, they still please me and make me smile when I see them, I have wrapped all my presents, I have been very green, I have used brown paper and twine, with added home made gift tags, it does look very effective, must remember to show you some pictures.

I have a project on the go, my cousin has brought a child's dolls house for her grandchildren and I am decorating it, so today I have done nothing but paint, and you know how much I love painting!!! I hope tomorrow I will be able to finish it off, I have got a very special present to make for my friend in the wilds ( you know who you are ) cannot say what it is or show you a photo as I want it to be a surprise, I will try to remember to show you after Christmas.

I have got my little dogs presents and they have not been touched, all the presents under the tree have stayed in place and apart from a little look from the puppy she has left them alone, even the decorations have failed to create any interest, I get the feeling she is waiting for me to leave her alone then she will have fun, hope not.

I must say a big thank you to my new followers, I am constantly surprised when new people sign up to follow me, Thank You.

well better stop now still got my son's jumper to finish, just sewing up now, but I keep looking at it and thinking is it too small, oh dear, hope not.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

funny things we say

Good Morning everyone,
welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog and my ramblings,I love to receive comments so feel free to add some.

I had to laugh to myself yesterday, I was in a shop and they had jewellery knocked down to 50p, so as I was looking another lady was also looking and was saying how great it was and she was going to get some things, i then saw a little bracelet that had sliver coloured shells, I exclaimed soap dishes, and immediately got some, she gave me such a strange look and walked off, sometimes I forget that others do not always think as I do, wonder what she thought.

Busy day today, more Christmas cards to make, tags for the presents, Christmas tree to put up, and finish my sons jumper, wrap the presents, yes I have finished my Christmas shopping, even down to the food just got the fresh stuff to buy, so organised this year, what happened. so time to get started.

Friday, 2 December 2011

I love this bit

I love it when a project starts to come together and I can start to put in the bits and decorate it, I am very pleased with the end result and love how the battery xmas lights turned out, effective and bright.

this is my last project for this year need to start getting my stuff out for Christmas, my son and I are going to put up the decorations tomorrow, I think this year I will not be putting the presents around the tree, the puppy will have a lot of fun with them,

lets get on with the photos

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oops Santa has lost his teeth

We have a problem, while I was adding bits to Santa's work bench I misplaced his teeth!!!!
only joking, I came across some teeth in my stash and placed them on the woirk bench, looks kind of funny, yesterday I made items for the bench including paint pots, these are so easy, download little labels from web, resize, cut up small pieces of dowling, paint silver, add labels and there you have it paint pots, easy.

I also made the posting box, so today got to make lots of enevolpes and letters to go in it,
I also started to make toys, in my picture you can see the train in progress,

Thank you for your lovely comments, I ma still searching for the makers of the dolls clothes.

Did you see that programme last night on telly about miniature animals, so cute, I do not think I would dress them though, it makes them look silly, and looking at Muppet I think I may have a tiny dog, she is now 5 mths and not growing very fast but she is so cute and loveable, we are begining to get her house trained, its working just the odd mistake now,

I usually put my Christmas decorations up on the 1st of December but have decided to wait for the weekend, got a lot of pain today so it will have to be a quiet day, I am going to sit today and continue knitting my sons Christmas present, a jumper, 1 sleeve to go, never again will I let him choose a pattern, it has 16 rows to the pattern and its fine till you come to increasing and decreasing, then its hell, its not the sort of pattern you can see by eye, so I have had to work out the rows, why did he not ask for a scarf!!

lets get on with the photos

see the paint pots, Santas teeth on the shelf

post box, and partly made train

my miniature puppy, Muppet

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

help needed

Good morning,
thank you for your lovely comments, they always cheer me up.
Now yesterday when I did my weekly tour of the junk shops, in my favourite shop "The Attic" a great place where you find all sorts of things and you have to really search through and so cheap, well sometimes she has dolls house miniatures and I found a bar, optics, bottles, till register all for 5.00, I also got 2 lovely little porcelain dolls dressed in tiny knotted clothes, so neat and the stitching is so tiny, I am curious to where they have come from, they do have a label on with names, so does anyone know them.
This one says Sue Osbourne, Hythe

this one Pam Adams Sudbury
so there they are anyone know them?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas is coming and so is my new project

Its great being able to get back into my workroom, I have been working on my Santa's workshop, Got the outside and inside decorated, had a bit of a problem with the roof, I just did not know what to do with it, then today I went back to the Christmas shop to get some more of the battery lights and brain wave, They had some white material to represent snow, so I have brought some of it and i am going to make the roof look like its covered in snow, its amazing what you find in the shops if you look.

Back to the project, I have started to make the work bench, I took an old chest of drawers and bashed it about, put on a top and with some of my wood made the top, I have sorted out some bits and I hope from these to make tools, I sat last night and made boxes, cards cut out wrapping paper, all ready to put in when I start to dress it, I now have to make some wooden toys, and dress Santa, loads still to do, but I am sure I will get it done in time for Christmas, I have put on some pictures for you to see



side view


work bench

another view

Sunday, 27 November 2011

finally I can see my work rom

At last the kitchen is decorated, tiled and flooring laid, I am able to venture not my work room, have not been able to get any minis done yet, spent all day clearing up, Why is it there is so much mess when work is being done, and why do they take over every room!!!
still better not complain I still need other jobs doing, this week I hope to get my pine wall unit painted so it is ready to be put up next weekend, and I hope to get the rest of my bits put up as well. I did treat him to a lovely steak dinner to say thank you.

Tomorrow I have got my warfarin clinic  in the morning and physio in the afternoon, so does not look like I will get much done, the rest of the week is free I am going to be working on my Father Christmas workshop, will add photos as I do it, also will be experimenting with my new battery lights, must go and get some more.

Here are some photos of the effect I got when I put the Xmas lights that I brought for 1.99!¬!
they have really lit up my room box and by carefully placing the lights on the outside I have made them look like outdoor lights, not bad hey

Muppet seems to like lying with Freebie in her favorite spot by the window


got an idea for you all

I was looking round our newly opened Christmas shop and got some little battery operated Christmas lights, some had tiny round coloured bulbs and the other one was tiny led lights on a long glass stick, they all work by batteries, anyway the lights to my Egyptian shop had stopped working, loose connection, and while I was messing about with them I had the idea of using one set of the lights I had brought today and guess what the effect was great, so I am going to try them out in my other dolls houses and see what I can do with them. I am sure I will come up with other ideas and will let you know, I will add some pictures to show you but camera needs charging, I think at only £1.99 a set these will come in very useful, I also look at Christmas decorations as sometimes you can find little decorations that are for trees that will work for your miniature scenes, just a few ideas for you, let me know if you do try the lights and what you came up with,

Friday, 25 November 2011

oops forgot to say

so sorry I forgot to greet my new followers so Hello and Welcome, hope you enjoy my blog

no minis yet

Well the kitchen is coming on, the flooring went down yesterday, so today its the finishing touches, can't wait to show you pictures, I got a lovely yellow blind for the window, I have a feature wall done in yellow, the other walls are white.
I just need to get my pine wall unit finished, but its in my work room and I cannot get into it, over the last few weeks I have been painting/distressing kitchen items and pictures to go in my kitchen, again they are in the work room, still today hopefully I will get in there.

Physio today, she is trying to get my right arm moving better, I am unable to lift it up, makes life a bit difficult, I get a lot of pain and my medication only takes the edge off, the physio is going to see if I can have steroid injections will find out today.

The puppy, she is growing slowly, full of mischief, a thief, if you put anything down on the floor it disappears you just see this flash of black flying past you it is usually found in her bed. She is also very determined and if she wants something she will do everything she can to get it, do not let her small size fool you.
Her and Freebie play all the time, they are getting on very well,

thats  a little update of whats happening, check out some photos you may like
see ya all soon

I store my garlic in here

bread bin

this is in my bedroom, I store my perfumes in here

even done up the inside

Muppet trying to get in Freebie's favorite place, she does'nt miss anything

how is she staying there?

so cute

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Plushpussycat: Big Miniatures Giveaway!

Plushpussycat: Big Miniatures Giveaway!: OK, you know I love giveaways, and we're finally here! It's time for the Big Miniatures Giveaway I promised! My intention with these gifts i...


I am so frustrated, my kitchen is having a overall, new flooring, re tiled and decorated, wad told by himself, it will only take me the weekend, today its Tuesday and I have tiles on wall, new light and it is still going on, I cannot get into my workroom as that as become the storage area for all manner of items, I know when its done it will look great, but I want to mini!!!
there is only so much daytime TV I can take,
It looks like at least till the weekend before its done, what am I going to do?
oh well moan over,
I have been surfing and there are so many lovely mini blogs out there, I am enjoying looking at them, so may be my time has not been wasted after all.
see ya soon

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Great day today

Had a great day today at the craft club, we had Tina who showed us a very simple but effective way to make Christmas cards, Pat gave us a lovely dinner and Debs made some fantastic cakes, came home tired but happy.

Are you finding the printies useful? I have laods on my computer so let me know if you are looking for anything, you never know I may just have it

I did manage to get another coat of red paint on to my new project, need to but some more gold paint so I can finish it off,

now having had my tea, have got to become housewife and do the ironing, still can catch up on the soaps while I do it.

Some photos for you

before I started decorating, had to repair the windows
this will become Santa's workshop

first layer of red paint, another coat to do,

my Christmas cards I made today

working on a new project and some printies

Well it did not take long for me to give in, I said to myself I will concentrate on my Victorian house till after Christmas, as I have loads to do with making my presents, yes this year I am trying to make as many of my family's pressies I can, apart from saving money I think they are more personal, anyway I went to my garden shed to sort out some paint and came across a lovely little shop that I had forgotten about, it was very dusty and looked so sad on the shelf that I had to take it in to the warmth of my work room, and guess what I sat there looking at it and yes you've guessed it I have decided to do another project.

I have been looking at Christmas stuff for some time and I did not want to do another Christmas shop as I have already done that, so I am going to make this one Father Christmas's work shop, I can already see it in my head I just now need to make it real.
sorry no photos yet, but I am making sure I photo it as I am doing it.

So far I have started to paint it, was hoping to do more today but forgot its my craft club, we have Tina coming she is showing us Christmas card making, should be a good one, we meet once a month and most of the time its all about dolls houses and having a good natter.

as I have no photos ready I have some printies for you I have found these on the net so only use them for personal use thank you

see you all soon

Monday, 14 November 2011

wow more watching my blog, thank you, well they did say build it and they will come, or was that in a film,
what have I been up to, I sold the dads shed and its going to Mexico, hope they like it when they get it, will have to Wait for the feedback.

I have continued on with my Victorian house, been putting the furniture in the lounge, the fire place is still movable as I want to add a fire to it with lights,  I still need to make the curtains, I am going to do all of the curtains last, then I can make the front curtains to match,
have popped on some photos for you. I also put in my Rheuter sewing box, I have a small collection of Rheuter and where I can I put them in my dolls house, no point having them if they are not on show.

I am getting ready for Christmas, cannot say too much because my mum reads my blog,and I do not want to spoil her surprise,  but I did make a lining for a little wicker basket.
I am getting along very well with my sons jumper, got front and half way up the back, I keep looking at it and hoping it fits.

And as for the puppy, she is hardly growing, she is coming up to 4mths now and is still just like a little hedgehog, she sure has the cute factor, everyone wants my little Muppet, but she's mine.

update on my kitchen, wood now all rubbed down, holes in walls filled in, going to choose the paint this week, and it all starts Friday, lovely, lots of mess to look forward to,

lets get on to the photos

the lounge

the recovered basket



my old dress form

the dress form re done, I like it a lot more now

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

busy busy

Today I was up early,felt very well, got housework done and shot into my workroom, I had an idea for my dress form that is in my bedroom, it no longer went with my style and decor, it needed a change. so looking through my stash of materials I found just what I wanted  I stripped the dress form of its dress and redressed, I was really pleased with the result,

Then I went on to stripping my pine unit that I am going to distress, this will then go into my kitchen.

I am really into making do and mending and before I throw anything away I always look to see what I could do with it, I also love going to car boots and junk shops for items to do up. I will pop on a few photos of stuff I have done for my house.

Now back to minis, I wanted a fireplace for my living room, the one I had was dark brown and had a large mirror, so I took the mirror off, repainted it, touched up with some gold paint and tiles, added a small cameo, taken from a old brooch,

after all that I did not have time to do any more, it was time to get tea, this evening I will be busy knitting my sons jumper, he is having that for Xmas

dress form before


my pine unit I am working on

fire place before

fire place after,in the living room waiting for the rest of furniture and wall lights

small cabinet I decorated

view inside

small 2 drawer  unit I decorated

little box


bread bin
all these items I have done ready for my kitchen redo

As you can see I do other thing besides miniatures, hope you like them,