Thursday, 28 February 2013

just a quick message

Hi All
this is a quick message to let you know I am still around, but I have a really bad cold, so I am spending a lot of time in bed, hopefully I will be back soon 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Year...Already?! | Mini*Aesthetics

A Year...Already?! | Mini*Aesthetics

Found one, this one is really nice, while you are there why not have a look around this blog it is fasinating

I know its Tuesday

Hi All

I know I said I would look for give a ways yesterday, I did not get home till late so will do today

So off I go--------------------------------------------I'm running now -----------------------------

Monday, 25 February 2013

Its Monday

Hi All

I have got every thing going on my new laptop except my scanner, printer works, got a bit fed up and frustrated trying to get it going so have left it and will try when I am in a better mood.

Today I am off to have my hair permed, I have this done every 3 mths, my hair is so thick and straight, nothing can be done unless it has body, so will search for give a ways later.

This is the front of the music shop, I just need mt friend to make the room box, it will be a good size for what I want to do. I also want to put shelves in front of the windows  for displays 

I hope to have an area inside for the testing of the instruments, I have had big problems with the upright piano, I wanted to paint it red and could not get it the right shade. my son came along and said try this, he had some oil paints without thinking I used it, we are now 4 days in and it is still not dry!! so hopefully tomorrow I will be able to take it off and try again, fed up with red now!!!

the shop front

Sunday, 24 February 2013

I am getting there

Hi All

yes I am finally getting there, I was getting frustrated at not being able to read some of your blogs, I could not find the translator button,  after many hours, well it seemed like that, I down loaded  Google Chrome, so now I had another thing to get used to, the best bit I managed to find out how to translate languages, now I am a happy bunny, I can read my friends blogs.

I have found a disc from my old lap top and intend to go through this today to see if I can retrieve my work, if not I will have to have my old laptop repaired, I just really want my photos back, they are not just my minis but my family, my pets and my holidays, I have learnt one thing from all this in future I will back up my files.

I also want to connect my printer and camera, if it works I will pop on  a photo of the lovely shop front I have brought.

I did think, technology is great until it goes wrong.