Friday, 14 June 2013

Its Gone

Hi All
yes its gone, my music shop has gone to a musician who lives in London, they came to collect it yesterday and loved it, they have promised to send me photo's when it is in its new home.

Did not get much done yesterday, mostly I was looking at different designs to paint on my caravan, I keep getting distracted by the little old lady that has taken up residence in my work room, I keep getting reports that she is wandering around at night, but every morning she is on her scooter waiting for me. She changed the scooter last night and she is now on the Goth on, I will have to give her a name, cannot keep calling her old lady!!


Thursday, 13 June 2013

got something done and a strange old lady

Hi All

busy day yesterday, I finished a shadow box for my friend, she did not want a room box but wanted something in mini for the birth of a baby boy, so came up with this

What do you think?

I also found this little old lady in my work room, I have been told by my face book friends she is getting about, all I know she has a big smile on her face in the mornings.

Back to the caravan, finally paint is dry so today will start decorating the outside, I changed my mind about the colour, I was going to have a baby blue, but when I thought about it I changed it to bright red, as it is going to be a gypsy fortune telling wagon, I thought it would be bright to attract customers, I do have another caravan and that I will do in shabby chic.

I have the lady coming from London today to collect the music shop, I do hope she likes it, she seems very excited by her emails.
we are having warmer weather and this is helping me with my condition, I am having some very good days I hope this continues I go to Edinburgh on the 30th June for my son's graduation on the 1st July and I am staying up there for 5 days, so much looking forward to it and then it will soon be the wedding.

well of to my work room while my body is still letting me do things   


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Still painting

Hi All

yes I am still painting, this seems to take so long, you paint a bit wait for it to dry paint a bit more, so will not bore you with photo's of paint drying.

I did finish a settee while I was waiting for the paint to dry, its in a lovely gold and black fabric, the photo does not really show it well.

Today I have my yearly visit from my social worker, she comes to check I have every thing I need and am still coping with my condition, we usually end up having a good old natter about life in general.

In the mean time I am going off to finish painting!!!!!

lust need to make some cushions for it

Monday, 10 June 2013

What have I started

Hi All

yes what have I started, now I finally got the caravan to bits and could look at it closely, it was bad, but I carried on, first I made a template for the door, I want to have a front to the caravan, I then covered the sides and front in mount board, this seemed the best idea as the wood was so badly marked, no amount of rubbing would not make it good.

after I had done this, I needed to decide on the colour, I have used a blue, but not sure if it is what I want, so living with it for  couple of days.

I made 4 window boxes, (forgot to take picture, next time I will ) and today I hope to finish the painting of the outside, then I can look at the inside.

My mum and dad came over to see my new kitchen, they loved it, they brought their new puppy, called Toby, we all sat outside so they could play, it was not very warm, you will see what I did to my mum.

its in bits!!!

mount board added and painted

you can see the front and door I have made

my mum in the garden with Freebie my Yorkie

Mollie (black one) Toby (Yorkie0 and Muppet ( the tiny one)