Saturday, 18 August 2012

should not of read the book

Hi All.

I blame Fifty shades of Grey, I was working on Franks Place, and I spotted a chair, I then got an idea, I think it works, see what you think.

I have now read all 3 books, (Fifty Shades of Grey) I did not really like it, although I did read all 3, well I had paid for them!! I felt there was a very poor story line and most of the book was about s**, either she had a vivid imagination or was very active in her personal life, I suppose you could call lady porn, anyway it will be going on to eBay for someone else to read, this is my own personal opinion,

Back to my minis, my brother came over yesterday and he is an electrician, so I asked him about flashing lights, he has suggested I get a cheap fire alarm, take it to bits and inside I will find a light which flashes and I should be able to adapt that for Franks Place, Will let you know how I get on.

Its very very hot here this weekend, temp about 30's unable to stay in my workroom, to hot, so going to have a day of doing nothing, sitting here, reading, playing on the computer, generally being lazy,
here is the photos, those who have read the book, will see where I got the idea from

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Where is this going

Hi All

Do you know this project started off a a simple room box, I wanted to see what i could make from nothing, I decided on Franks Place, because of what i had in my stash,
so I start, It starts to grow and grow, and now I am adding an outside area, ideas are flooding through me, so I ask my self where will this end.

Today I covered the base with grass, made my graves, added a skeleton, finished the shed and well that's it really, another busy day. I have put on a picture so you can get the idea of what I am trying to achieve

this is how it is starting to look
the body parts will be locked up

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Jazzi Minis: Mini Jazzi's World Trip

Jazzi Minis: Mini Jazzi's World Trip: Where is Mini Jazzi? GIVEAWAY FOR MINI JAZZI WORLD TRIP Missed out on being a Hostess for the Mini Jazzi world trip? Get involved b...

Mini jazzi is off and running, where will she land, I do hope its with me, or do i want her for xmas so ahe can see my xmas decorations and join in the family fun, decisions, will have to curb my excitement and try not to jump every time the postman rings,

I have lights, plus my swap

Hi All

Got my swap from Jazzi in Australia, love them so much, thank you my friend

Thanks Marisa, will look in to the lights, I have managed to put up lights around the ceiling, these are some battery lights I got at Christmas, quite pleased at the effect, have put some photos for you to see.

I have also started to make some tree, never made these before, see what you think.

seem to be on a roll today, as I also worked on the small shed, this will be in the outside scene, well I needed some where to store the body parts, tomorrow I hope to start work on the outside, see you all then

here are the lights so far

My attempt at trees
This is the shed

this is what I got from Jazzi in our Xmas swap, don't you just love them

a Question and some printies

Hi All
wow my followers are creeping up, now at 169, thank you to those you have just started following me, I hope you enjoy my projects and ramblings, you will properly see that I love shabby chic and making items from trash. When I reach 200 I will do a give a way,
anyway now to the question.

As you know I am working on Franks Place, I am trying to work out the best way to light this, I have got  a couple of ideas, which I will work on this morning, but I have been thinking about Glow sticks, has anyone ever taken one of these to bits? do you think they would work in a mini scene? I was thinking of having them around the base of the room box, around the sides, but not sure how I can achieve this, I think a ghostly glow of green would look good. Also does anyone know where I could get flashing lights for dolls houses or a way of making them? its so frustrating when I have these ideas in my head and not sure how to do it, so any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Yesterday I started work on some trees and a small shed, they are still in the painting stage, so no photos yet, it bores me waiting for paint to dry, I have said this before i know, anyway no need to bore you as well,

I have now put franks Place on a large board, another part of this project, need to make graves and head stones, and landscape it, curious yet? this project keeps expanding, as I do a bit, I think of something else, where will it stop.

As a treat here are some printies to keep you going until the next update.

Please remember these are not my printies and are only for personal use thank you

Monday, 13 August 2012

starting to put it together

Hi All
 I am not usually a sports fan, but I did find myself getting involved in the Olympics, so I must say WELL DONE GREAT BRITAIN,

Back to minis, I have stated to put Franks Place together. still got more to do, It took me ages to work out how I wanted it to look, but I finally got there, the area which currently has the sink and the shelving unit, I am not altogether happy with that, so it may change. I have cut a large board for it to sit on, as I am extending this project to include an outside area, not saying what it will be, but I felt I needed it to go with Franks Place.

What did you think as the body parts? have not put them in yet, need to do more to this bit, Have you noticed i am being a bit evasive with this project, I keep giving you little titbit's just to keep you guessing.
I must admit this project is great fun, especially as I am using trash!!!

Got my regular blood tests this morning, few jobs to do then back to minis.

I have given in and have got the 3 books, Fifty Shades of Grey, have read book one and now on book two, not sure what I think yet, the story line seems a bit lame and most of it is about S**, will read all three then make up my mine, My mum now wants to read them!!!

lets see some photos

all the wires are conected, I need to work out how to light this all up,

notice I have used some body parts, internal organs in the sink