Saturday, 10 March 2012

busy weekend

Hi All
I have had a busy weekend, and its not over yet  have agreed to do a charity fete, in aid of Magpas, I am taking my shabby chic bits that I do, in my other life, and I am also taking some of my miniatures, I checked with the organiser and she does not have anyone with a stall with shabby chic, but more importantly she has no one with minis.

I am taking my doggy salon and the sun lounge that I made recently, also so furniture, you never know there may be someone who loves miniatures.

My son made me a black board, I am using this to write my name, plus a bit about my recycling.

All of my shabby chic bits, are things I have brought cheaply and have changed them by using paint and pictures, I am quite proud that out of a double duvet, I got 4 pillows and a dog bed.

well I will let you know how I got on.

Friday, 9 March 2012

thank you

Hi all
Thank you for your lovely comments, I am pleased with how the doggy parlour turned out.
I am already thinking of my next project, I have an idea to do a hedgehog home, I spent the day trying to construct hedgehogs, sometimes I feel like I have gone mad, after many hours, I came up with nothing.
I tried fimo, but that proved to be too fiddly, I tried wood, that kept breaking, so I sat and looked around me, then light bulb moment, "bottle brushes" I know sounds crazy, but its worth a try, so tomorrow morning I will shoot into town and see what I can find, If anyone has any ideas please feel free to tell me, you can join me in the madness.

I have worked out what the house will look like, I think it may look like a tree stump, I have looked at hedgehog homes, but they did not seem very interesting, so I have let my imagination take over.
well tomorrows another day, will let you know how I get on with the bottle brushes.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

ITs Finished, Posh Paws is open

I have finished my project
POSH PAWS is open for business, special opening rates, call in for an appointment.
I finished all the painting, attached the door, made flower boxes,
so call in, have a visit, make an appointment, your dog will thank you for it.

Hi all
Tracy is so pleased she has won, congratulations.
well now the excitement is over with the give a way, I had better get on with finishing the doggy salon, I am still painting and waiting for things to dry, I did get round to putting brick paper to the outside walls, today I will be finishing it off, I promise, no distractions today, please.

I am already thinking about my next project, not saying anything just yet,
when i decide on a project, I search the web for information and inspiration, I have a little book where I jot down ideas, I also use PINTEREST, do you know of this, its great but addictive, you have boards where you put your interests and things you like, you can follow others boards, check it out, but be warned, once there you will find you cannot get away. Anyway back to the new project, I have so far got about 3 pages of information, I just have to decide how I am going to do it, then I will reveal it do you.

I am doing a charity fair this Sunday, first time I have ever done a craft fair, I am taking my shabby chic bits that I have done, they can be seen on my other page, I am also taking some of my miniatures to see what reaction I get, you never know someone may come in who is into miniatures. hope so. will let you know how I get on.

I have quite a bit of my doggy miniatures left over, so I am going to make up little packs to sell, if anyone is interested in buying please contact me.

well better get on, have a nice day and see you soon

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Its here and the winner is

Hi all
Its here and the winner is ...................drum roll.............................

Dallydominis............. congratulations...........please can you email me your address so that I can post your prize,

Thank you to all of you who entered the draw, you send me some lovely comments.

I was thinking about my blog and how I came into minis and I realised that I have come a long way since I brought my first mini item, when I worked I never had time for a hobby, with work, home and family life was very full, and there was never any me time, then I had the accident and life seemed to come to a halt. I had to find something to do, then I discovered MINIS.
 I soon became obsessed with minis and started to buy things, after a while, I started to think maybe I could do that, so I started to create and the rest is history as they say. I did not know I could do what I do, it had taken a lot of practise, learning how to do things. I let my imagination go and disappear into  different world, so minis opened up another world and gave me back a purpose, a reason to get up and do something,
But they biggest thing miniatures gave me is Friends, we may not meet for coffee, but you are there, you give me encouragement, praise and words of wisdom,
so through my blog I thank you all very much for being my friend.

I did not get any minis done yesterday, I had a visitor and by the time she had gone it was time to become mum again.

Today I am visiting my friend, she has a dolls house and is closing soon, so hope to bag a bargain. my dad is coming over he is collecting some bits for me that I have brought from the local recycling shop, will put photos on tomorrow to show you my bargains.

I do hope later I will do something, I have put the windows in on my doggy project,  have painted the door, boring bits really.

as a treat for the rest of you here are some more printies, they are from my cd, Luna girl vintage, so only for personal use please.
and again congratulations DALLYDOMINIS.

Monday, 5 March 2012

one day to go, have you made a comment?

Hi all
well you have one more day to comment, I will be doing the draw tomorrow, be lucky.

I had a great day yesterday and got lots done, I put the windows and door frame in, put on the roof, was lucky with the roof, I did not have to make to much adjustments, it fitted quite well, I ma now onto the attic space, I am going to make this the show room, as I did not have room to display the dog beds in the shop. I am nearly finished now. Just a few more bits to do to the outside, some labels to make and I need to find a name for my shop, any suggestions?

I also tackled some small projects that I had lying around.
I finished the pram, I was really impressed with the snakeskin paper I used to decorate the pram, it was alot easier than leather or material that I usually use, I have made a note to check out the paper in my local carft shop to see what they have, Trip to town coming up I think.

I had a sliegh bed, I had been looking at this for some time trying to decide what to do with it, so I repainted it, at first I did a pale blue, but did not like it, so i repainted it pink, then painted white over it and distressed, I then got some pretty pink paper I had, ( see paper fixation ) and covered the ends of the beds, I then made the covers and pillows, I hand sew everything and always make my beds so that the covers can be removed, for filling the pillows I use small railway ballast, my dad gave me it and it works really well for filling, this helps them to look more realistic I think.

I finished the pram, I made a matching basket to sit on the bottom of the pram and a little bag that hangs from the handle, thgen just added some baby bits.

So you can see I had a good day.

I still have to put the wood trim on, and the front door

nearly finished

my shabby chic bed

see the delicate white sheet

pram covered with snake skin paper

sorry picture not so good

Kat the Hat lady: FAKE Kat the hat lady........................

Kat the Hat lady: FAKE Kat the hat lady........................: Please note that this blog page is NOT my blog site. Unfortunately this person is using my name as thei...

reminder Give A Way and a question

Hi all
hope you have had a good weekend, could not believe it I now have 112 followers, hello and welcome to my blog
thank you all for the lovely comments,
remember to write a comment to enter my first Give A Way, I will be drawing the winner on Wednesday 7th March, that's another thing, we are into March already, where is the time going?

I have a question for you, I want to get a new camera, mine is not to bad at taking photos but I would like to update it, so can anyone suggest what camera would be best for taking pictures of miniatures, any suggestions would be welcome.

what have I been up to this weekend, I am still painting the outside walls of the doggy salon, also the windows and doors, so I will not bore you with pictures of that, I kept changing my mind about what colour to use, today I hope to be putting the windows and door in place, and hopefully finishing off the walls, out of everything I do with miniatures I must admit I find painting boring.

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I did a couple of projects, I am doing a charity farye next  Sunday, I am taking my shabby chic stuff, but also decided to take some of my minis, you never know someone may buy them, so I need to get some bits done to take,
I took a black pram and I am changing it, I first painted the wheel spokes in gold and the wheels in white, I found some lovely snakeskin looking paper, so I have used that to cover the pram, this is the first time I have used paper and I think it has come out pretty well, I have got to varnish it this morning to make sure it does not rip or tear.
I then made the covers, I still have a bit more to do, I have got to make a tray to sit under the pram and a bag to hang on the handle, I used to make a lot of these prams, they always seem to sell well on eBay, maybe I should try them again, not sure, will think about it.
I also had a sleigh bed which I have painted and will be dressing today. have put a pictures on so you can see what I am up to.
well that's all for now, don't forget to enter the Give a way, see you all soon

the boring black pram

after painting

after painting, what do you think of the snakeskin paper?

a little cradle I also did, I painted it pale pink, distressed it, and then made covers