Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hi All

so much for my plan to make jewellery yesterday, it did not happen, spent most of the day sorting out the house, decorating is now finished, so its time to put everything in its place and return to some normality.

why is it when decorating is taking place do I become tea and sandwich lady?

Today all the pictures, units get put back on the walls and then a big sigh of relief decorating is over, I hate being upside down, but the finished result was worth it.

His next plan is to build me a small shed for my mobility scooter, that will make life easier for me, I will be able to just drive it out, looking forward to that.

I did manage to sneak into my workroom and make a make-up tester to sit on the counter, in-between tea making.

have a look


The grandmommy said...

GREAT idea!

PILAR6373 said...

Muy buena idea!!! Hay tantos colores donde elegir para maquillarse...