Sunday, 27 November 2011

finally I can see my work rom

At last the kitchen is decorated, tiled and flooring laid, I am able to venture not my work room, have not been able to get any minis done yet, spent all day clearing up, Why is it there is so much mess when work is being done, and why do they take over every room!!!
still better not complain I still need other jobs doing, this week I hope to get my pine wall unit painted so it is ready to be put up next weekend, and I hope to get the rest of my bits put up as well. I did treat him to a lovely steak dinner to say thank you.

Tomorrow I have got my warfarin clinic  in the morning and physio in the afternoon, so does not look like I will get much done, the rest of the week is free I am going to be working on my Father Christmas workshop, will add photos as I do it, also will be experimenting with my new battery lights, must go and get some more.

Here are some photos of the effect I got when I put the Xmas lights that I brought for 1.99!¬!
they have really lit up my room box and by carefully placing the lights on the outside I have made them look like outdoor lights, not bad hey

Muppet seems to like lying with Freebie in her favorite spot by the window

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