Wednesday, 9 November 2011

busy busy

Today I was up early,felt very well, got housework done and shot into my workroom, I had an idea for my dress form that is in my bedroom, it no longer went with my style and decor, it needed a change. so looking through my stash of materials I found just what I wanted  I stripped the dress form of its dress and redressed, I was really pleased with the result,

Then I went on to stripping my pine unit that I am going to distress, this will then go into my kitchen.

I am really into making do and mending and before I throw anything away I always look to see what I could do with it, I also love going to car boots and junk shops for items to do up. I will pop on a few photos of stuff I have done for my house.

Now back to minis, I wanted a fireplace for my living room, the one I had was dark brown and had a large mirror, so I took the mirror off, repainted it, touched up with some gold paint and tiles, added a small cameo, taken from a old brooch,

after all that I did not have time to do any more, it was time to get tea, this evening I will be busy knitting my sons jumper, he is having that for Xmas

dress form before


my pine unit I am working on

fire place before

fire place after,in the living room waiting for the rest of furniture and wall lights

small cabinet I decorated

view inside

small 2 drawer  unit I decorated

little box


bread bin
all these items I have done ready for my kitchen redo

As you can see I do other thing besides miniatures, hope you like them,
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