Saturday, 14 January 2012

I got a new book

I have been trying my hand at making flowers and plants, have been quite pleased with the results, but felt I could do better, I have been looking for a book that would explain how to make flowers and plants and yep I have found one, its great.
Its called Making Miniature Gardens by Freida Gray, It is divided into 2 part's first part covers Techniques and Materials, this is very useful, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, discusses many ways to make flowers, plants ect, lots of pictures to make it easy to follow.
The second part is all about Projects, there are so many you can do, from simple window boxes right through to full gardens scenes, even how to make a green house, I got this book from Amazon, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in gardens.

Woke up today with a covering of frost everywhere, so staying in today, I am very careful when it gets very cold, my joints will get very painful if I get cold, hence staying in, its become very difficult for me now, since I have been put onto warfarin, they have taken away my anti inflammatory drugs, so when my joints become swollen there is nothing I can do, good job I can still smile.

Poor puppy, it was fatal letting her have her first haircut, she shivers when she goes outside, I cannot find a coat small enough for her, so I am going to try and adapt a woollen sock into a coat for her, that should be fun.
well better do some housework, I can see lots of dust!!! do you know the older I get the more allergic I get to that disease called hoosework, anyone else suffer from this?
bye for now hoover calling

Thursday, 12 January 2012

One down

Hello and welcome to my new follower, happy to have you here, hope you have fun looking at my work, feel free to leave any comments

first project finished, today I managed to complete the conservatory, the last few days i have been busy making bits to go in it, I painted and then distressed a dresser and decorated it with objects, made a coffee table and dressed it with tray, tea items, cakes, magazines, flowers, all made by me, I then came to the bit I enjoy the most, dressing up the conservatory, I am very pleased with the final look, I have got to just tidy it up a bit now, it needs some of the paint work touching up and the roof panels cleaning,

have a look at the pictures and see what you think

The dresser painted

completed dresser

hopefully this looks lived in

made the little wooden boxes and added the flowers

So there it is, like it?

got thinking about my next project, I am really on a roll, I was toying with the idea of a Japanese room or a pet shop, I was looking through my stash of books and magazines and I came across a Crofters cabin made from a cardboard box, this has got me very excited, so it might be that, we will see.

Today my little puppy Muppet had her first haircut and nails done, she was very good and stayed still for a long time, she looks even smaller now and not so scruffy,


After the haircut
well that's all for now, see you all soon, I will let you know what I have decided to do

Monday, 9 January 2012

here we are again

Am I the only one, but I always seem to have a problem with my blog title, spend ages thinking about it and came up "here we are again" how boring is that, anyway lets get on with the update.

Quiet weekend, did not get a chance to work on my project, the truth is I did not feel to good so spent a lot of time in bed, feeling better now,

I managed to find a board big enough to take the conservatory and give me a lawn area, I have worked out how it all went together, after many false starts, remind me never again to buy anything in bits again, as this would of been against the house and I was doing it as a stand alone project, I made a brick wall to put it against, I decided not to go with the blue and whites I had made earlier, as it looked like to much blue, I had some black and white flooring and have used that instead.

still have a lot more to do, going to make some plants and flowers, and other bits as I go along.

lets see the photos

this is what i had to work out

getting there

I was going through my photos and thought you might like to see my first project, I made all the fabric bolts, books ect, it now sits in my room, I still get lots of pleasure from it.
see you all soon