Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My doggie loving her ride

Hi All

not mini related today, have been bust with real life, hate it when housework gets in the way, but it had to be done.

I have started the process of getting myself ready for my sons wedding on the 31st of August, I have the dress and the shoes, need to get my hat, I am having a fascinator, getting that this weekend.
Had my hair permed last week, today I am having high lights and low lights put in, ( hides the grey), next week I am having a body spray tan, well a girl has got to look good.

Some good news about my sister in law, she has come out of hospital and is feeling a lot better, the prognosis is still the same, but she is fighting it.

What I wanted to tell you, before I got distracted, is about my teacup dog, Moppet, she loves to ride on my mobility scooter, I had new batteries put in yesterday and my son decided to try it out, but not without Muppet, have a look


Monday, 12 August 2013

Life goes on

Hi All

yes life does go on,  we are still trying to come to terms with my sister in laws illness, she has been in hospital where they fitted a stent in her liver to try to ease the discomfort, we are expecting her home today, we now know that she does not have long, we are hoping that my niece has her baby soon, she is due the end of this month. thank you all so much for your prayers and kind words.

I am getting myself ready for my son's wedding, it will not be long now, 31st August, I have finally got the dress and shoes, now need the hat and handbag. I had my hair permed last week, this week I am having high and low lights put in and I have booked a spray tan 2 days before the wedding, determined to look good on the day.

I have not deserted my miniatures, I continue on with my Kopy Kats, I have sold some already, I also have an order for a chair, anyway have a look ate the next one

original one
my mini one

I added the items, some I made from beads