Saturday, 12 May 2012

half a roof later

Hi All

first I am going to brag, we have had sunshine for 2 days, still a bit cold but the sun is shinning, and there is talk it still maybe there tomorrow, yippee.

My roof tiles arrived yesterday morning, so I started my roof, first I had to lay a piece of wood ate edge of the roof, this was to ensure the first tiles laid inn the correct position, then I started to lay the tiles, over 2 hrs later and thick grey stumps, I think they are my fingers, it was finished, I then left it to dry.

When it was dry I painted the edges grey and any gaps I could see, I added moss to the roof, painted the small window, after all that I must admit, I had had enough,

Will be doing more later.

have a look

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I have to admit to cheating

Hi All
before I start my confession, I have to tell you the SUN is shining, dare not speak about it for long, it might go away.

Now for my confession

I did tell you I was going to make my roof tiles, well I started yesterday, I got the egg cartons ready to paint, then went looking for paint, I did not have any in the colour I wanted, this meant I would have to go to town, now I do not drive any more so that meant a taxi, which would cost me £6.60, there and back, then the cost of the paint, so I worked out it was cheaper to buy the tiles for £6.00, no postage from eBay, As much as I would of liked to make them the costs made it an expensive roof. so I am cheating and will be using ready made, hopefully they should be here today.

I decorated the inside of the shop/flat front, put the last coat on the window frames, this morning I will be finishing off the front and outside of the shop/flat, I did not paint or do anything to it in the end, it actually has a very nice paint colour on it already, so I have gone with that, so all thetas left to do, is put it all together and finish the roof.

Before I can do anything I have to bath my 2 doggy's, with all the rain we have been having, it has made my garden look like a mud bath and they both decided it was a good idea last night to play in it, so bath time today.

see you all later

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

My first sale

Hi All
yes I have made my first sale, the large jewellery cabinet is sold, yippee.

Its still raining here, but we are being teased with the odd bit of sun, my garden is beginning to look like a jungle, we must have some dry days soon.

well off to paint my egg cartons so I can start to make my roofing tiles, lots to make

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Hi All

Its the Grand opening of my for sale page. I have been busy making items to go on the page, some you will of seen already on my blog.
All of my miniatures have been made by me, I do not make anything that I would not be happy with myself, I take a care and put in lots of detail in my work.
The prices will include postage to the UK only, I will post overseas but please contact me for postage.
I have tried to keep the prices low, I do miniatures as a hobby, I am not a business and will have no overheads to pay.

I will also do commissions, so if you want something in particular then ask me, I may be able to help.

This is my first attempt to do this, I have sold before on eBay, but I wanted to have a more personal touch. I want you to feel that you know me,

If you have any suggestions about my selling page, please feel free to comment.

Other news, I have finally decided on my decor for the front of my shop, it will be painted, the roof will be tiled and I am asking all my friends and family for thier egg cartons, I will be making the tiles for the roof, it will be the first time I have ever done this, so looking forward to the challenge.

I really enjoyed my weekend, it was nice to just please myself, I treated myself to some strawberries and icecream and ate the lot!!!
We are still having rain, we have had the occassional sighting  of the sun, just to tease us, my garden is now full of weeds and the grass is so high, we just want a few days for everything to dry out, this is supposed to be sunny May!!! maybe June will be better

here are some photos of the finished jewellery cabinets.

check out my for sale page, tell me your thoughts