Saturday, 27 October 2012

CANDID CANINE: 2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 3 - Meet the Guest...

CANDID CANINE: 2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 3 - Meet the Guest...: Welcome to Day 3 of the 2012 Halloween in Miniature party! If you missed the check-in, go to Day 1. First off, we wanted to offer our ove...

Have you been to the Halloween Party yet? there is lots going on, food to eat, guests to meet, so why not pop over and introduce yourself and join in the fun

Finally some thing to show you

Hi All

Yes I have some thing to show you, I have been asked to create a Christmas scene in shabby chic, I have made a small display stand, just by putting 2 bits of mdf together and adding a floor.

I had an old fireplace so I have painted this black and have starting to add decorations to it.

I must be mad, as I have sat and made paper chains, these hang on the wall, still got more to make. I am in the progress of repainting a 3 piece suite in pink and white and then I will shabby it up, so nothing to show yet.

But I did finish this, its a shabby pink desk, full of lovely things to look at, again I have filled the drawers with personal papers, I used a chair that I had in my shabby chic cottage, I put my lovely chair I got from Wryna in its place, it looks great in there. photo at end.

Today my bathroom is being started, I am having half the wall panelled, and will be doing it in beachy colours, will show you when its done.

a lot more to do

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fame at last

Hi All
I hope I cleared the mistake yesterday, It is not me who has a broken wrist, sorry for the confusion, I was excited about finding the new blog, that I did not really explain it, but hopefully you have had a look at the new blog.

Yes fame at last, I have a full page feature in this months Dolls House and miniature Magazine, its shows Franks Place, I promise that I will not change, I will not let it go to my head and I will still speak to you, by the way I am available for page signing, opening fetes,
and personal visits, just speak to my agent!

I also had another surprise, my gift arrived from Wyrna, I won her give a way, she was so generous, these will be taking pride of place in my Shabby Chic cottage, Thank you so much, I shall be smiling all day

My Prize

Dolls House magazine feature

Thursday, 25 October 2012

No not me

Hi All
thank you for all your good wishes, but its not me who has a broken wrist, I found a new blog about printies and its the lady who has this blog who has the broken wrist,  I put a link on my blog for you.
It was lovely to know that you all cared so much, but felt guilty so had to let you all know its not me.

The new blog I found has not been going long, but it appears to be a blog about printies and looks like it could be good and useful, so take a look
thanks again
 Debbie xx

Miniature Dollhouse Printies: broken wrist

Miniature Dollhouse Printies: broken wrist: just to let you know. i have broken wrist in four places.i fell. type with one hand. i am still working on getting the sink up for sale. it ...

Just found a new blog, check it out and lets help to get more followers

CANDID CANINE: Welcome to the 2012 Halloween in Miniature!

CANDID CANINE: Welcome to the 2012 Halloween in Miniature!: It's that Time of Year! Yes, it's the start to the 2012 Halloween in Miniature . Spooks, ghouls, witches, oh my! All in delightful do...

Its coming to Halloween, so get on your broom stick and fly over to Candid Canine and join in the party, there are competitions to enter and lots to see, you never know you might just see me there one day,

Minis are on the back boiler for a while< I am having my bathroom decorated, I have a pine wall unit that I am working on and other bits, will show you a before and after when its done,

Monday, 22 October 2012

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial - How to Make Polymer Pumpkins

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial - How to Make Polymer Pumpkins: Video tutorial shows all the steps Polymer Clay Pumpkin Tutorial at Makoccinos Blog "Halloween is soon!! Are you excited? I actuall...
this is not a give a way, but I thought it may interest you, great video

minimizar: Llegaron las primeras lluvias...

minimizar: Llegaron las primeras lluvias...: Llegaron las primeras lluvias y con ellas un nuevo sorteo. Paraguas , lo muestro abierto y cerrado, mañanita botas , collar y bolsita ...
and here is another one, I have just found this lovely blog, and wow its fantastic, she is having a lovely give a way, so why not have a look at her blog and while you are there enter the give a way

Il Salotto delle Rose: Regalo per Sandra.

Il Salotto delle Rose: Regalo per Sandra.: Anche Sandra ha ricevuto il mio regalo in tempo! Il 10 ottobre è stato il suo compleanno ed ha partecipato anche lei allo swap organizza.
found this one, there is some very lovely work on this blog, why not check it out and while you are there enter the give a way

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #29

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #29: Welcome  to another Mini Link Party for fellow miniaturists everywhere!    Jazzi's Mini Link Party is to increase awareness of Miniaturist...

This is not a give a way, but a great way to get your mini blog out there, Jazzi does a lot for mini bloggers, so why not join her Monday mini link party

Its MOnday

Hi All

I have not got a lot done this week, its funny how time goes, when I was younger time seem to take forever, but now I am older, I blink and the day is over, I went to the shop and my minis look great set out in the window, the others are on a shelf with a spot light on them, she has had a lot of people talking about them and one of the biggest comments is the amount of detail that is in them, nothing as sold yet, Jan was disappointed but I did say that I did not expect them to sell straight away, I found I was reassuring her.

I am so excited I have won a give a way, a lovely blog from Wyrna, she has the blog A fairytale come true, so much looking forward to receiving this

I am still working on the Xmas scene, I have found a lovely fibre optic Christmas tree, that will fit in very well. There will be photos, but having little space available now I have got selective as to what I show, I am still working on freeing up space.

This Sunday I went with my dad to a railway exhibition, I find the scenery is just fantastic, the detail and the size is incredible, I have taken photos and will show you my favourite, its depicts rural France, the river ,looks like it is flowing, anyway see for your selves

Well I am off to find you some more Give A Ways,

can you see what I mean about the river, I want to go there