Friday, 4 February 2011

great news

Great news, finally I am getting my work room sorted,  it needs insulating, shelving, lights,
will put on a before picture and after for you to see, so this weekend will have to pack every thing up and clear it out, just as I am really getting on with my little house, but it will be worth it I can get so organised and not sit there with the electric fire going and a blanket over my knees, so excited, for years i have wanted a proper work room and now its going to happen,  how lucky am I.
the other news is as if I need this I am going to foster 2 dogs for 4 weeks, my friend goes aboard at times during the year to rescue and treat abused animals so I have agreed to look after her dogs how chaotic it will be next week 3 dogs, a workman me and my son, heaven help me, but I am just a girl that cannot say no, forgot to say as well as all that had a assessment from the occupational therapist and I am having grab rails put up, a bath hoist and a bed riser how exciting to have a disability never new there was so much on offer,  you would think that with all I have I would not want anymore, staying in as well this weekend as I have to use my frame, yes frame to walk with and no way would I go out using that too much pride bur then to are some things are sent to try us and i hope i rise to the challenge well i have nattered to much so of i go to start to sort out my work room, glad my son is here to help me, see you all soon

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

At last I can start

At last I have finished the painting, I did not put on photos for this bit as I thought I was bored watching paint dry so I would not inflict it on you.
anyway where are we up to,
I have done the floors, I used floor boards for the attic and second floor, which I painted brown and then I took a wet wipe and took some of the colour off, these will have rugs over them,
The bottom floor has lino for flooring, this was done by using some flooring i downloaded from the net and then put it through the laminated,
now I have to start putting it together, but first I have got to wall paper the rooms, 
so that's how far I have got, I had hoped that I would of done more, but I have had a bit of a bad week with my pain syndrome, so I have had to sit a lot and not done much, feeling much better today. well enough of that,
once I have got the house back together I will add the photos for your to see
now its back to work