Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hi All

so much for my plan to make jewellery yesterday, it did not happen, spent most of the day sorting out the house, decorating is now finished, so its time to put everything in its place and return to some normality.

why is it when decorating is taking place do I become tea and sandwich lady?

Today all the pictures, units get put back on the walls and then a big sigh of relief decorating is over, I hate being upside down, but the finished result was worth it.

His next plan is to build me a small shed for my mobility scooter, that will make life easier for me, I will be able to just drive it out, looking forward to that.

I did manage to sneak into my workroom and make a make-up tester to sit on the counter, in-between tea making.

have a look

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Morning All

My home is still upside down, we decided since the house is in a mess why not decorate the hall as well, mind you I say we when I mean him,

Thank goodness I have my work room and I can shut myself away and work on my minis,
I am still working on the ground floor, I made some cosmetic displays and a small display for perfumes that will sit on the counter.

I have decided that the counter will have inside it, designer jewellery, so hope to start making them today.  

have a look at what I have made.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hi All

My home remains upside down, one bedroom decorated and another one started, will be glad when all the decorating is finished, I do not like living in chaos, strange though in my work room there is utter chaos and I do not mind, its like I am 2 different people, in my home I need to be tidy but in my work room its messy, untidy and utterly chaotic. Anyone else like this?

Anyway on to minis. I am now making perfumes, make-up, men's toiletries to fill up  my counter and some shelves I have made.

one side of the ground floor will be ladies accessories and the other side men's. I am debating about another counter, like the one I have just made but smaller for the men's side, will have to think about it.

got some pictures for you of some of the mini's I have made for the shop, plus one of my grandson Jack, he is growing so fast now, enjoy

I made this light using a light I already had and added beads to it

fur gillet and mns waistcaot

designer set

another set

Jack with my dog Muppet, can you see how tiny Muppet is, she is now 3yrs old!!