Friday, 17 May 2013

A Fairytale come true: GIVE AWAY

A Fairytale come true: GIVE AWAY: My blogs 1st birthday is just around the corner. Which I will celebrate by doing a giveaway. On 21 June 2012 I wrote my first post, wi...

have a look at this wonderful give a way and while you are there have a look at her blog, well worth a visit

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Minis for sale

Hi All

I have uploaded my minis for sale page, if you wish to purchase anything please message me on my email
I have tried to keep postage low, if I find I get cheaper postage I will refund the difference,
overseas buyers please contact me for postage
I accept PayPal
take a look

Thanks Debbie

Kitchen progress

Hi All
before I start nattering on I must say thank you to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog and my miniatures with a hint of real life, feel free to leave a comment,

Right, I am still living in a muddle, but progress is being made, I can at last see what it is going to look like, one side of units are up, the display cabinets will have lights in them, at last I will be able to have my dads tea and coffee set out, it is packed away in a box and unless the queen was to visit it does not see daylight, he died many years ago so it will be lovely to have it on show.

The sink is in and I love my taps, my spice rack was made by Steve, my friend who is doing my kitchen, it is in oak and was a Xmas pressie, I have that many herbs and spices I could fill it twice over, I love it.

I had a yellow feature wall, which is going to be repainted, looking at dark blues, that seems to go really well with oak, it will have the same white tiles, got to buy some more now and I am changing the flooring, but as you can see it is going to be lovely.

I have had to spend a lot of time in my work room, its been the only place I could sit, so I made a couple of kitchen units.

The kitchen unit this was white, I removed the centre drawers, I wanted some where to put vegetable's,  I repainted blue, bashed it to give it a worn look, added some paper that I had in my stash.
I made a draining board, this was just a bit of balsa wood, sanded so it was thin end at one end, put some grooves in it using a pencil, then painted it using a stain varnish. I filled the cupboards with goodies, put crockery in the sink, used liquid filmo which I stained with a touch of brown to make the water look dirty, added some washed crockery to the draining board, some flowers in pots, the paper towel holder was very easy to do, I cut out a small circle in balsa wood, added a bit of doweling and then just cut some real life paper towel and wrapped it around it.

The dresser, was a dark brown colour and had to drawers missing, so I repainted it, bashed it, and then added bits to it, In the centre part, this is where the drawers were missing, I removed the other drawer trimmed of the bits that hold the drawers in place,  this did leave ridges in side, so I cut some card to fit and used paper to decorate the inside, I used the same paper I used for the sink, I made some teal towels, these are just small pieces of fabric, folded and trim added, then I stuck them together in a pile.
from my stash I added all the other bits.
I made the blue and white using wooden beads, I painted them blue, cut some very thin strips of white paper and put these on the pots, added labels, I have Cornish ware and lots of blue and white in my real life, so I just copied what I have. I made a apron and oven gloves and put these on the unit.

For an extra bit I have added a dog and cat with feeding bowls. I am very please with how this came out.

I have having a day off from minis today, having one of my achy days so its better to rest, but I will not sit and do nothing, I have a load of dolls house magazines I have not had a chance to read yet, some paper work to sort out, and I am going to redo my selling page on here.

anyway enough about me, have a look at the photos.

the wall units, drawers still to go in

I love my tap

my oak spice rack



Monday, 13 May 2013

Its all a mess

Hi All

Yes its all a mess, what am I talking about? my kitchen. we are into day 3 and I do not have a sink, every where is a mess, dust and sawdust every where, my friend who is doing my new kitchen, is a perfectionist, this means it involves a lot of standing around and thinking helped with numerous cups of tea, he has another job this morning then he is back here.

I know I am moaning, but the end result will be beautiful, I just get very fidgety when my house is in chaos, the only room that is not cluttered is my work room, so me and my doggies are camped out  there, still it does mean I have been doing my minis so not all bad.

I have been working on a little chaise that I had in my stash, I am gradually getting trough all my stash, I am working on a kitchen sink and dresser, wonder why I have kitchens on my mind.

have a look at my chaise,