Thursday, 17 November 2011

working on a new project and some printies

Well it did not take long for me to give in, I said to myself I will concentrate on my Victorian house till after Christmas, as I have loads to do with making my presents, yes this year I am trying to make as many of my family's pressies I can, apart from saving money I think they are more personal, anyway I went to my garden shed to sort out some paint and came across a lovely little shop that I had forgotten about, it was very dusty and looked so sad on the shelf that I had to take it in to the warmth of my work room, and guess what I sat there looking at it and yes you've guessed it I have decided to do another project.

I have been looking at Christmas stuff for some time and I did not want to do another Christmas shop as I have already done that, so I am going to make this one Father Christmas's work shop, I can already see it in my head I just now need to make it real.
sorry no photos yet, but I am making sure I photo it as I am doing it.

So far I have started to paint it, was hoping to do more today but forgot its my craft club, we have Tina coming she is showing us Christmas card making, should be a good one, we meet once a month and most of the time its all about dolls houses and having a good natter.

as I have no photos ready I have some printies for you I have found these on the net so only use them for personal use thank you

see you all soon

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