Thursday, 23 August 2012

can anyone help

Hi All

So happy that so many of you enjoyed my lastest project. I am still having problems putting some photos on my blog, it says server unavaiable to some of the photos, anyone have any ideas what is going on.

I did manage to get 2 on, this is what my doggies do when we go for a walk, on our way homw they both want to ride on the beast, we get some funny looks

me and the girls

Freebie and muppet


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Jazzi Minis: Mini Jazzi is in Greece!

Jazzi Minis: Mini Jazzi is in Greece!: So excited to get up this morning and receive an email from Anne

Mini Jazzi has started her travels, she is in Greece,

Trying again

Hi All
as i said earlier, I was having problems up loading the photos, so here I am trying again,
did not work, anyone got any ideas of why I cannot load my photos?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Franks Place is finished

Hi All
Yes its finally finished, "Franks Place" is up and running, for some reason this morning I woke up at 5am with an idea in my head about the outside scene and I could not get back to sleep, so I got up, made myself a coffee, took my medication, did not even switch on my computer. I was so fired up and just wanted to get it finished. I do have another reason but unable to say just yet, but let me say I was very pleased. I love just giving you hints and then leaving you to wonder. cruel I know.

So its done, and it has been completely made by what I already had, plus the inside of a computer tower, its amazing what you can do if you use your imagination and think outside the box, I am just a bit scared that every one will start dumping their old computers on me.

Now I have a problem, what do I do next? I have got to make some more of my shabby chic items for my ESTY shop and eBay, so I will be getting on with them, no doubt at some time in the near future I will have another crazy idea, will let you know.

so on to the finished pictures

Well I did say I would show you the photos, for some reason they will not uplaod all of them, so to shave my frustration I will come back later and try again.

Monday, 20 August 2012

no work done

Hi All
I have been really lazy this weekend, I never done anything to my project, it was too hot, not often I have said that this year. But we have had very hot weather for a few days, its been up to 31 degrees, my work room was like a oven, so unable to work in there.

I have been doing research on the web, looking at ideas for my outside scene, learning about making flowers and plants, so I did not entirely waste my time,
today my son and I did the house work, we tend to spend a day getting all the house tidy, then I do not worry about it for the rest of the week.
Back to minis tomorrow, see all you then