Friday, 27 December 2013

Well its over for another year

Hi All

Its been a while since I wrote anything on my blog.

My personal life has not been easy. as you all know my mum died just before Christmas, I did manage to do Christmas, It was strange, I did smile, I did laugh but inside was telling a different story, I had my dad over for the day and we had a quiet time together just reflecting on the past 2 weeks. I did find myself thinking, must tell mum that and then remembered she was not there, but enough of the sadness, its time to pick up my life again and start to look forward to doing things I enjoy.

My dad brought me a lovely present, a new dolls house

I was so pleased, but it has left me with a problem, I had brought a dolls house from ebay, it needed work on it and this was going to be my project of the year, so now I have 2 dolls houses to sell, I am going to sell my shabby chic shop, I need to make room for my new dolls house, 

Anyway, what a present, I was overjoyed with it and did not expect it, It will be a ladies emporium, with a gentleman's  outfitters, well that's the  idea so far, for now it will sit in its box till I am ready to start on it.

I have got to get some of my other miniatures finished first.
This year I hope to have a web site so I can sell my miniatures direct, ebay is getting more expensive with its charges.  Any advice on starting a web site will be gratefully received.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and got lots of lovely surprises,
See you all soon