Saturday, 3 December 2011

funny things we say

Good Morning everyone,
welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog and my ramblings,I love to receive comments so feel free to add some.

I had to laugh to myself yesterday, I was in a shop and they had jewellery knocked down to 50p, so as I was looking another lady was also looking and was saying how great it was and she was going to get some things, i then saw a little bracelet that had sliver coloured shells, I exclaimed soap dishes, and immediately got some, she gave me such a strange look and walked off, sometimes I forget that others do not always think as I do, wonder what she thought.

Busy day today, more Christmas cards to make, tags for the presents, Christmas tree to put up, and finish my sons jumper, wrap the presents, yes I have finished my Christmas shopping, even down to the food just got the fresh stuff to buy, so organised this year, what happened. so time to get started.

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