Saturday, 30 June 2012

a question for you

Hi All
still working on my minis but no photos yet to show you.

I am still thinking about a Esty shop, have been looking at items for sale, think I have the hang of it, but I wondered if any of you have a Esty shop, you have any tips or ideas that would be useful to me?, I am trying to come up with a name, thats a hard one. so any suggestions will be gratefully recieved.

well that all for now, going to my mum and dads today, and dad will be here soon to pick me up, my slon has got to have his wisdom tooth out, he is not looking forward to that
catch you all later

Thursday, 28 June 2012

settee finished

Hi all
bragging again, we have been hot again, but there is talk of rain tonight, as long as it is dry by morning, don't care.

Finished the settee, I made 4 little cushions, added trim and bows, so thats another one done, now I am working on a desk.

I also finished some little accessories.

had to show you my cross stitch I am working on, it will be a double bed cover when finished.

the desk ready to be dressed

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

my pink shabby chic theme continues

Hi All
dare i say it, we have had sunshine and no rain for 3 days, is this summer? there is talk today that we may get to 21 degrees, but then they went and spoilt it by saying rain is expected later with thunder storms,
I did manage to get some weeding done, I have also been begging for plants or cuttings, still a long way to go, I have loads of areas that need plants, The idea is to cover all the flower plots with shrubs abd flowers, so that I cut down on the weeding and my garden becomes more managable for me. well thats a update on the garden, now back to my minis.

I seem to have a thing for shabby chic in pink, I looked in my stash and found a settee. that at some time I must of sprayed black, that will do, so I have repainted in pink, distressed it and added covers, need to make cushions now to finish it.
I am trying to make enough minis so that I can open a Esty shop,

Anyone have any hints or tips about opening the shop, will be grateful, I have been looking at shops, need to come with a name for it, make sure my photos are clear and the description is good. If there is anything else you can think I should do, please let me know, thanks,

anyway here are the photos



had to shoe you this,

Monday, 25 June 2012

I have been so busy

Hi All
Again we have had loads of rain, so I have been in my work room, apart from Saturday, I had a fall, I have a concrete step from my kitchen to my work room and I tripped and fell over, I now have some lovely colours on both my legs and feet, still it gave me an excuse to sit.

I managed to get a lot done with my minis and I finished my beach scene, the ducks are so happy they now have a lovely area where the kids can play and dad can snooze, mum, well i am sure what she is doing, I must think about making her a seat, so she can sit and read her book or something, I will think about it.

I repainted a bed in 2 shades of pink, distressed it added a padded headboard, and using just white and lace I made covers for it, I also distressed a chair in the same way, covered it and added a bow to finish it off.
I added birds to the teacup feeders and made a shabby chic cake staned, using 3 odd plates and findings, I then added some cakes. see how busy I have been

Anyway enough of me rabbiting on, let me show you the photos.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Insipiration is flowing

Hi All,
as much as I do not like the rain, it has allowed me to be in my work room and create, because if it was sunny I would be working in the garden, so you see the rain does have it uses.

I have continued with my pink shabby chic theme, I have completed the hall stand and the dressing table, I also found a hall table, so that was attacked as well. I am now working on a matching bed and chair.

On the hall stand, I made 2 handbags and a shopping bag, for the dressing table, I made perfume bottles and a diamond necklace, I placed other bits on it.
I am very pleased with the result of these so far and I am looking forward to making the rest.
I have not forgot my ducks and the beach hut, just put them aside for a while, so I can get on with these

update on cup bird feeders, need to make a base

little box I made covered with Kath Kidston paper