Friday, 12 August 2011

before and after

As I was not up to doing much this week, I decided to finish off some little projects,


I repainted this White, distressed it, I made the desk accessories using some pink leather, the pen holder is a small piece of a straw, covered, the pencils are ends of toothpicks, cut and painted, the hat box was covered in leather, the letter holder is a small finding bent in half and fixed with another finding to make it stand, all the printies are bits I have found on the web. The drawer is filled with personal papers, I have just got to finish a matching chair, with maybe a few more accessories


I repainted this cream, added some flower transfers from my stash, then decorated it with china, the jars of jam are bits of tubing cut to size and labels added, there is a recipe box holder, books, letters, cakes ect. I hope I have achieved a cluttered look

in the drawer I just cut a small peice of cloth and stuck it to the inside of the drawer, also I cut small squares of white material and made napkins, and put them inside, I then filled  the cupboards, making them from the metal end of a pencil ( the bit that holds the rubber) this seems to be the right size, put labels on them, cut out 2 boxes and again labeled them, I made a small wooden crate and put in some veg

no before, forgot to photo, this was dark brown, so I repainted white, added some transfers, added 2 small knobs to the mirror to hold necklaces, made perfume bottles, the small shell was an earing, I took off the back, covered with felt and found a jewellery peice that looked like a broach, I made the jewellery using bits from my stash

in the top drawer is personal papers, the small cupboard hols more perfumes, soaps, ect.
the drawers hols some clothing, I made a nightie, 2 prs of knockers and a small top.

with all my miniatures I like to add a touch of realism and hopefully give that lived in look, I take my inspiration from magazines, pictures and things that I would like.
I will be putting these on eBay this weekend, along with a few more bits, lets hope they sell/

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

no work done

good morning all
I have not been able to do any miniatures so far this week, my body decided to let me down, so I have stayed in bed for a few days, still I had my telly, my laptop and my son looking after me, sometimes my joints get so stiff it gives me a lot of pain and discomfort to move so bed is the only place to be, feeling better this morning so hopefully I will be able to do a little bit,
I cannot believe what is happening to my country, senseless violence and looting, when will it end, I am so glad I live in a small town and I know where my kids are, its a shame because not all youngster are the same, some are as horrified as we are, for those of you who are watching this from afar we are not all like what you are seeing, England is still a fantastic place and do not let what you see colour your views of us.
well rant over, time to get dressed and see what I can do today.
take care