Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Its beginning to feel like Christmas

Its beginning to feel like Christmas, this week my son and I have put up the decorations, they consist of a tree, with my hand made decorations and my collection of Father Christmas ornaments, I used to have so many that it would take me all day to put them out, I have now been more selective and now only have a few special ones, they still please me and make me smile when I see them, I have wrapped all my presents, I have been very green, I have used brown paper and twine, with added home made gift tags, it does look very effective, must remember to show you some pictures.

I have a project on the go, my cousin has brought a child's dolls house for her grandchildren and I am decorating it, so today I have done nothing but paint, and you know how much I love painting!!! I hope tomorrow I will be able to finish it off, I have got a very special present to make for my friend in the wilds ( you know who you are ) cannot say what it is or show you a photo as I want it to be a surprise, I will try to remember to show you after Christmas.

I have got my little dogs presents and they have not been touched, all the presents under the tree have stayed in place and apart from a little look from the puppy she has left them alone, even the decorations have failed to create any interest, I get the feeling she is waiting for me to leave her alone then she will have fun, hope not.

I must say a big thank you to my new followers, I am constantly surprised when new people sign up to follow me, Thank You.

well better stop now still got my son's jumper to finish, just sewing up now, but I keep looking at it and thinking is it too small, oh dear, hope not.

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