Saturday, 6 November 2010

change of name

have changed my name after realising there is another blog withn the same name, so added my own name to save any confusion
thanks debs

sad news

sorry to say I lost my beloved dog, Beth yesterday, she was 13 years old and my constant companion, it was very strange waking up this morning without her nuzzling my hand to wake up.

Thursday, 4 November 2010


hi all
 just to catch up, not been doing any miniatures, as I said earlier my beloved dog, Beth is poorly and I have been nursing her, she is fading now and tomorrow I will have to take her to the vets to make sure she is not suffering, its hard but I cannot let her suffer so for now I will be quiet, I will be back just need time to deal with this

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

check out this great designer

Morning all,
check out my friends site, she makes great ceramics, dolls and other items, well worth looking at.
bit of a tough week, my German shepherd, Beth is poorly, she is 12 years old and her health is failing, so I am nursing her and trying to keep her happy and comfortable, dog lovers will understand how I am feeling, all I can hope for is her ending is peaceful and she does not suffer, but it is hard watching her, sorry to have put a bit of a downer on blog,
on a happier note, progress with my HRT, started pills last night now waiting for them to start taking effect, my son will be glad, he is tired coming home from work to this mad woman who either up the wall or cleaning .
last night spent time on my new designs coming on well, got everything painted, but now got to make a bedside cabinet, will this stop I keep adding items, hope to add photos later,
watch this space

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I continue

I am getting a bit carried away with my design, I have now started a bed and chair, I have some fantastic silver metallic paint and so far everything is looking silver, I have a great necklace that hopefully will look good on the bed when I have finished butchering it,
I blame my Doctor, he took me off my HRT, and those of you will know what menopause can do, put it this way, I did not need a shower just a bar of soap when I am very hot, anyway back I went to my Doctor today, after a long discussion about the advantages and disadvantages taking HRT he asked me what I wanted to do, my answer was if you don't want a deranged, sweaty, suffering menopausal 54 year old woman hitting him with my walking stick I suggest you write out a prescription, guess what came home with my box of goodies, so now maybe my madness that seems to manifesting in the style of silver painted miniatures may abate and I will get back on course,
when I have finished these strange creations will post pictures for your advice and ideas.
see what happens I start to rant and completely forget what I started this blog for, it was meant to be about miniatures but I seem to be starting to inflict you all with my manic ramblings, I blame my medication, I used to be sane, well watch this space for my next rant

Monday, 1 November 2010

trying something new

collection of objects to ponder over, what can I do?

took 2 film canisters and covered with corrugated cardboard

decided and cut out a design I was happy with

idea forming

rough idea of the design I am going for
Today I decided to look at trying something different, Modern furniture, I did not want to go out and buy in case I did not like it, so looking round at the furniture that I had, I could find nothing that I could adapt so, decided to make my own, I drew out the style I was looking for, collected some bits and started to create, as you can see by the above pictures. I never really know what I am going to do before i do it, I make it up as I go along and if it starts to look right I go with it, so now I am forming an idea so I have started to put it together, first I am going to paint it silver and highlight some parts with bright blues and reds, I will see what I think when its dry,  will it work or will it be a waste of time, we will see, watch this space for the next installment

moving on

have now completed the unit so the next photos show you how I did it.
high lighted with gold and gold stars added

added items that I already had

I hope that bit now looks a bit more realistic,
There are many things you can do to change furniture, sometimes just by adding items it can make all the difference, a simple coffee table looks very plain but add coffee cups, books, papers flowers ect and it starts to look different, try with your items and see.

new week more projects

Morning all
well a quiet weekend for me, catching up on house work and washing, oh how these things get in the way of miniatures, if only I could afford a cleaner, oh well dream on, did not win the lottery so will have to continue doing it myself, well not all of it , i do have help, as I have a mobility problem i do get help every day, buts that's another story.
I keep forgetting to take photos as I am working on my miniatures, so I have now put my camera near by in the hope of remembering.
last week I got a bargain bed and 2 cabinets for 10.00 from my local second hand shop, they are well worth looking in, I have one shop that saves me all the broken jewellery, they get some money and I get more bits to destroy and use, anyway back to the bed, I removed all the bedding, and put on my own creations, I added items to the bedside cabinets to make them more realistic, and I had a wooden screen sitting there, so I stained it brown, added gold and matched the panels to the material I had used for the bed, added trims and I was pleased with the result, this will be going on Ebay.
I put some miniatures on Ebay last week, did not to that well, it seems at the moment people do not want to spend, understandable as none of know what the future is going to be.
back to miniatures, ( I do that go off on other subjects,) I had a unit sitting around and so I decided to customise it and yes this time I have photo's of it before and will continue adding photo's as I continue to do it up.
Double bed, recovered in silk and satin material, and trims

added photo, books, perfume ect, all these items I have made, including the pen, will do a tutorial on pen as it is so easy to do.

complete set

stained and highlighted with gold paint, added the material and trims

unit before