Thursday, 13 March 2014

I got some time for me

Hi All

Yes I managed to get some time for me, in between answering questions on ebay!! some people ask the most stupidest questions, I was selling my dads tv stand, it had damage to the base, where the dog had chewed it, so I took 2 photos, 1 showing the unit and the other showing the damage, I then got a question, could i tell them where the damage is and would it be possible to take a photograph of it!! I was polite and said to check out the photo's .

Anyway I came here to talk mini's not moan, 

After I had finished my painted furniture I wondered if I could do any more, so I have been checking out pinterest for painted furniture and down loaded some I thought I would like to try .
I then looked in my stash and found some furniture to try it out on, I did not have the furniture that they had used, so I am using what I think will look ok.

The hardest bit is mixing the paint to try to get the colour paint they used as a background, I managed to get the colours as near as I can.

I have one bit nearly done the others are waiting, thought I would show you what I have done so far 

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the pictures above are what I used for inspiration

furniture in the painting stage

some of the furniture I am using

my first piece nearly finished


elizabeth s said...

Well Done Debbie! This is such a pretty piece and the proportions of the furniture stand up well to the bold floral design.


Diane said...

Your paintings are absolutely fabulous!