Friday, 5 February 2016

At last I have my blog back

Hi All

Yes I finally have my blog back, after months of trying to fix it, it was so simple I just went on to Ad block and unblocked and there it was my blog and dashboard, how easy was it.
I had been pulling my hair out and was going to delete it this morning and start again, no need now.
Well now I have finished bragging, I have better update you all on me and my life this last few months.

 Heath wise have not been to good, they now think I have a heart problem, I had a heart attack about 6 years ago and have been ok, so I thought, but my bloods and chest pain have said something different, they say I have unstable Angina and have more tablets, have had tests and awaiting results, appointment June, also they thought I had sleep apnoea, tests have shown that I am just over the normal limit, but they discovered that I have reflux, that is causing me to choke at night, so more tablets for that.
I think they should just hand me the keys to the local dispensary and let me get on with it.
Anyway enough about me, lets get to more interesting things.

Have done some work on my big shop, not much to show, its mainly clothing  and now I need to sort out the second floor,  this will be ladies and men's clothing department, I have been looking at different layouts and shop displays, think I know how I will be doing it.

I got a large room box from ebay, that is being turned into a ladies salon with nail bar and hopefully treatment room, this will sit on top of the big shop, I am lucky that it has a flat roof, so it can be a high as I want.

these are 2 chairs that I had, turning them into seats for clients,

this is the room box, my colour scheme will be black and lime green.

I also made some mini to sell on Ebay  at Xmas,

I made gifts for my family at Xmas, I was very pleased with the toy box that I up-cycled for my grandson Jack, it belonged to his mum and had been made by her granddad when she was a toddler.
I repainted it, painted teddies on it, made a lid, lined it and turned the lid into a seat,

Jack and his box

the other thing I have been doing is making bags to sell, this came about because I had made shopping bags for gifts at Xmas, my family said I should make some to sell, so I have, so far I have set up a face book page and was going to have a web page, but they proved to be to expensive so I am going to hopefully open a Esty shop, will post a link when it is done.

Well I think for now that's enough, will be back to posting regularly, see you all soon.
of to catch up now on all the blog's that I follow and have missed.