Friday, 13 July 2012

the big reveal

Hi All

Could not wait, I just had to show you what I have been hiding away and doing, I hope you like them.

Shabby chic


bring on the gold

so there you see, after doing the last scooter, I got thinking about making some to sell, so this time, I really took my time, I drew the design out, measured very carefully, I still used what I had in my stash, but I think they look good.

On another note, I have been feeling very down this month, you see I had a daughter, called Le'anne, she died 24 years ago on the 19th July, she was just under 4 years old, but my son gave me something this morning, he did not realise the date, what he said was a line from a song, " Because everyone returns to heaven someday, you'll never need to say goodbye" that gave me more comfort than I have ever had, thank you my son,

Thursday, 12 July 2012

what a day, and some printies

Hi All
I have got to have a moan, I turn up for my appointment, to have my scan, as I lie on the table waiting for them to put the fluid into my veins, I casually mentioned that I was feeling very nervous, they said "do not worry, it will be fine" so I said " but last time I had this I stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated and ended up in Intensive care, oops they said, what happened, I replied I had large clots on my lungs, on this they disappeared and came back saying, " we did not know about this and they did not think it was ideal for me to have this scan as I could also be allergic to the fluid they inject you with" so I am now having to go back and have a nuclear xray, now don't that sound fun, they will inject me with radio active fluid then take pictures of me, I will warn you when this happens, or you may see this strange sight of a woman walking around lit up a lovely bright green,
What my moan is, do departments in hospital no longer talk to each other, in my notes the full story of what happened is written there, would it take much to have just added a note to the xray dept, telling them I was a risk, so now My dad has got to take me again, its a 40 mile round trip, so not I wait for another appointment, things like this really give you confidence in the NHS, I am sure we all have tales about our hospitals,
Moan over.

I did not get a chance to do any minis, but as it is raining yet again, I will be in my workroom, I hope by tonight to have something to show you, I have finally made up my mind what my next project will be, still not telling you, I need to research and find out a few things, I know I am a tease, but you will have to wait, it will be worth it.

Has you have sat and listened to my moan, I have a couple of printies for you

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

something and nothing

Hi All
I am working on something, but cannot tell or show yet, it is to be a surprise,  not even a hint will I give you. you will have to .

Today I have my scan, they are going to put some fluid into my veins, so that it will show my lungs and heart, not looking forward to it, as last year I was having this scan and I stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated, so you can understand my apprehension, my dad is coming with me, I just keep telling myself that this will hopefully tell me what is wrong with my lungs, wish me luck.

Monday, 9 July 2012

having fun

Hi All
yes I have been having fun, I took my scooter into Town, it was very easy to use, I enjoyed the fact that I could look round town without my legs hurting, and went I came home I felt great, since then it has rained, so will have to wait for another sunny day.

I did a dirty thing today-------------------- House work, felt I had better do some before it got to much, house does look better,

Managed to get a few miniatures done, I have been messing about making some accessories to put in my Esty shop, so I have made some handbags and started to make some hats, got a couple done, have made my self a list of items to make, I have got an idea for my next project, it may be a bit gruesome, you will have to wait and see, got some bits I need to make before I can start.

So for now I have got the photos of handbags and hats for you to see.

Jazzi Mini's: Monday Mini Link Party #14

Jazzi Mini's: Monday Mini Link Party #14: Happy Monday! Sorry I am a bit late setting up the link party today. Real Life had lots of demands today along with getting postage rate...

check this link party out, lets help Jazzi, why not put your own link on her page, help spread the word

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I went for a ride

Hi All

Thank you for the lovely comments you have been leaving me, and welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog

The rain stopped long enough for me to go to my local town, it took a while to get the hang of my scooter, but then I was off, I was so surprised how easy it was to control it, my only problem is, my view, all I see as people come towards me is their crutches, not a pretty site, people come in all shapes and sizes, and I get to see it all from the waist down. today it is back to normal and its raining,
I just got home in time, it started to rain, so no more trips for me, was hoping today to have another little trip, but its raining, I feel like that's all I ever tell you, its raining,
I am sure summer forgot to call here this year.

I disappeared into my work shop, I want to make a few little accessories for my Esty shop, so I made 3 little handbags, popped on a photo for you to see.

how about this, my son put my dog to bed and she stayed there