Saturday, 23 February 2013

I continue

Hi all
I am continuing to learn about my new lap top, I thought I had backed up my files, but it had not worked, I have a friend who is a wizard on computers so he is going to have a look to see if he can get my files for me, hope so, I had a lot of work on the old one.

this is funny, I had spent ages trying to get my internet connected and every time I put the security code it would not work, so I rang Talk Talk, got a very nice man who spent a while going through the stages with me, it still did not work, after about 10mins he asked if I was using lower case or capitals for the code, I said lower and it turns out it should of been in capitals, guess what it worked straight away.

So then I thought lets get my talk talk email going, and I kept getting a message that said there was a problem please ring for advice, I finally rang, again got a really nice man, again we went through what I was doing, he then said what was the site I was on, when I looked it was TalkTalk Time, not mine, so I said sorry and went on to the right site and guess what I got my email,

getting confident now so installed my Norton account, got back all my passwords, and now apart from my files I am doing ok, I am hoping by the end of this weekend I will have mastered my lap top.

I am now looking for the translator button to add so I can read some of the blogs I follow, I have got to install my printer and camera and I should be ready to go, Then I can get back to my minis

lets hope I do not make any more mistakes and will be back on Monday to find give a ways
till then wish me luck

Friday, 22 February 2013

what a time

Hi All
thank you for your help with printers, I for now will have to continue with the printer I have as my lap top decided it had had enough, I admit I had been nurturing it along for the last couple of months, and one morning I switched it on and nothing, no matter how much I pleaded, cried, bribed, shouted, swore and flirted it would not come out to play, so I have got a brand new up to date bloody confusing new lap top, its like learning all over again, nothing is where I left it, so today instead of minis I am going to play lap topping.

I am hoping that my Norton on line file saving account lives up to its name and I can get all my files back, if not I will have to have my old one repaired ( my son is hoping this is the case, as he has is eye on it) so I can get back my work.

On face book I have a lot of photos of my minis and some of my family, but there still is a lot missing. Wish me luck.

I went to my dolls house club yesterday, I belong to 2, they are both every month, one is during the day and the other is at night, we did not do a lot just lots of chatting and gossip, I did manage to get a lovely shop front, it has 2 large windows and double doors, I just have to persuade my friend to make the room box to go with it.

Well am off now to play around with my new lap top and hopefully when I next see you I have the hang of it

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

help and advice please

Hi All

I am getting very frustrated with my printer, I have a Kodak, I brought it last year as I was fed up with the cost of ink in my other one, but I find that the printing quality is very poor and the ink goes very quickly.
1. what do you think the best printer is ?

2 .what do you use?

any ideas or suggestions please

Monday, 18 February 2013

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #43

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #43: Hello! I have had a huge weekend celebrating my 50th birthday with family and friends so I didn't have time to do my weekly wrap-up! Ther...

As usual I must mention my friend Jazzi, she is 50, catching me up slowly, she is doing many things for her birthday so check it out

Mi mini rincón: Al ataque!

Mi mini rincón: Al ataque!: Hola de nuevo, miniblogueros! Ya se que hace mucho tiempo que no hago una entrada, y ya ni os acordáis de mi :( No tengo mucho tiempo, así...

I have just found this great blog, I have been ages looking at it, there is so many lovely things to see, and there is a give a way, have a look and enter, good luck

Miominimondo: Giveaway 400+ followers!

Miominimondo: Giveaway 400+ followers!: Ciao a tutte/i!! Come vi avevo promesso, ecco il giveaway dedicato a voi che mi seguite, i miei followers, ormai più di 400!! 400+...

Here is a great give a way, I would love to win this, why not enter and while you are at it have a look at Fabiola's blog so many lovely things to see, good luck

Its Monday

Hi All

Its Monday, don't the time go quick, it must be a age thing, I can remember just!!  when I was young time went slowly, now I find myself saying where did the time go?

I have been getting on with my minis, waiting for paint to dry on the piano's it seems to take for ever, but you first prep the mini, by sanding, then base coat to provide a key for the paid then it usually takes 2 coats of paint, so you can see why it takes a while, so I got  on with another mini.

I brought by mistake a piano and 2 chairs size 1/24, well not really my mistake, the size was not put on and I thought they were 1/12 well rather than go through the bother of sending them back, I only paid 3.00, I thought I would try and change them, I am quite pleased with how they came out,
have a look

well I am off now to see if I can find you any give a ways for you to enter