Sunday, 7 June 2015

getting excited now

Hi all

yes I am excited, I am really motoring on with my big project, nearly got the men's side done.
I made a tie stand and fixed some ties to it, in the process of making a sock stand, this is just a bit of balsa wood painted black and I cut earring hooks to make hooks for the socks, so today's project is making socks, I have made some but as usual have put them in a safe place, so safe even I cannot find them!!. never mind they are easy to make, I just cut out sock shapes in felt and hook them on the stand.

I also had to put a picture of my Freebie in the morning's, this is what happen's when I get up, she stays in bed.

Please can anyone help, I have some how lost my page of the blog's I follow, the dash board, anyone know how I can get it back?

on to photos

my lazy Freebie

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