Thursday, 18 October 2012

I survived

Hi All
Thank you all for your kind words and caring about me

The scan went well, I admit I was very scared but they took great care with me, they knew of the problems I had with a previous scan and made sure that I was comfortable before they started. I will get my results in November, about 2 weeks away,  now I can concentrate on my minis, as I kept starting something and loosing interest, I could not settle with anything.

I got some really nice boxes yesterday and sorted out more of my work room, I have been gradually sorting through my stash, putting things into boxes and labelling them, I got fed up looking for bits and having to search every where, so now I just look at the labels and find what I want, that's the theory, but I bet it will not be to long before I am back to going through every thing.

Has anyone heard where and what MJ is doing, I cannot seem to track her down, and am missing her adventures, if you know, please let me know.

Well I am off now to get started on my Christmas scene.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

unoesadoce: Velas para Halloween

unoesadoce: Velas para Halloween: Para completar la colección de Halloween he hecho estos centros con velas. Las velas las he hecho derritiendo cera sobre un tubito de plást...

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Tweety Petie Products: Birthday GIVEAWAY - Includes Watermelon Set!

Tweety Petie Products: Birthday GIVEAWAY - Includes Watermelon Set!: Today is my birthday, and I thought to myself--what better way to celebrate it on my blog than to have a giveaway? So here we go.  It's time...
Be quick with this one, ends Friday,

Monday give a ways on a Tuesday

Hi All

I know its Tuesday, but yesterday I had my hair done in the morning and then spent the day with my mum and dad, so did not get time to scoot around the web finding give a ways, but promise you I will today,

Well my minis are now in the shop, the bedroom scene is in the front window for all to see, I do feel like a lot is riding on my minis, as Jan ( she owns the shop) has said if she gets enough interest in miniatures she has an empty room upstairs and she has always wanted a dolls house, any way she will consider turning the empty room in to a dolls house shop, this would be great as we only have one shop in the area and it is 14 miles away, not far I know, but far enough if you do not drive. So fingers crossed.

 I have put my Christmas cabin on hold, Jan would like a Christmas scene and a few small bits to put in her shop, so I am working on that. repainted a fire place  and I hope today to start putting the scene together.

I have my big scan tomorrow, bit nervous, as I collapsed and stopped breathing last time I had it, but my consultant has reassured me that every one is aware and I will be ok,

well off to look for give a ways for you