Thursday, 13 December 2012

A question

Hi All

Isabel and Teressa has your parcel arrived yet? dare not put pictures of what you won on my give a way till you get them, but I have not heard anything, I know December is a big month for posting and parcels take a while, can you let me know please.

I am busy getting ready for Christmas, my hall is now decorated, it just needs pictures and coat rack put back, carpet cleaning and its done, bathroom till needs a few finishing bits, so cleaning today, oh how I love house work, no time for minis,


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Its Monday

Hi All
Yes its Monday, and I usually fly round the web and find you Give a ways, there are not many to be found,, I think everyone is busy with Christmas, I know I am, so I will begin my search again in the new year.

My bathroom is nearly finished, there are a few little bits left to do, I am looking for some nice fabric to make a half blind for the window, need to get a towel rail and a few other bits, will show you photos soon,

I must be mad, all this decorating before Christmas, as the hallway is being painted this week.

well better get dressed before he turns up

Another bargain

Hi All

As you all know I love anything vintage or shabby chic, so imagine how pleased I was when yesterday I found this in my junk shops, and it only cost me £3.00, not sure yet where it will live, its in my bedroom for now, I love it.

How are you all doing for Christmas, ready yet? I have got all my presents and they are wrapped and sitting under the tree, I have been working on mum and dad's secret present, cannot wait to show you.

And today, wait for it, Bathroom will be finished, yes I did say that, my friend is round today and finishing it, at last, this is a 3 day project that has now taken over 5 weeks, I find it hard to keep smiling, but I will make him his numerous cups of tea and let him get on with it.

Tomorrow my hall is being painted, its all go here.
have a look at my bargain