Thursday, 23 February 2012

a lovely sunny day

Could not help it today, it was so hot and sunny, I felt great so off I went into town to visit the second hand shops, got a few bits, some knitting needles for my stash, only 20p a pr, some bias binding, 10p each, a lovely scarf, I saw an idea about trimming a scarf with old lace and have been looking around for one I thought might be suitable, another project to do, a load of tiny buttons, some lace doilies that can be cut to make miniature table cloths or tray covers, so did well, came home, my son was being very active in the garden, long may it last.

I did manage to a bit of work on my project, got all the walls decorated, floors varnished and put it together to see where I would be placing things, I also made some aprons for the staff to wear when grooming the dogs, I may not be using the shelving unit, it seems a bit big and take over the room, will take some thinking about.

I hope to get more done tomorrow,

decorating done

staff aprons

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

welcome, loads done today,

Hi and welcome to Rosamarganta and dales-dreams, so nice to see you here.
I continue to feel better, thank you for your lovely messages, its so nice to know you care.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself today, I made the dog cage, the sink and a step,

to make the dog cage, I used balsa wood,  lollipop sticks and wire, I made a box shape and then attached the wire, I did forget to put in a door, so made a small one and then attached it to it, I then painted it black, I have not stuck the wire down on the top as I will want to put a dog in here.

to make the dog sink, I first drew a design on paper, I had a picture that I down loaded so I had an idea what it should look like, when I was happy with my design I cut it out from strong card, I used tape and glue to hold it together, then I added legs and a base, when it was dry I painted it in silver to make it look like stainless steel, I used a jewellery finding for the plug and attached some chain, I still need to make the hose and spray gun for washing. it is coming together well, still needs a bit of tidying up, that will be done tomorrow.

the step was just 2 blocks of wood glued together, painted and I added a small bit of carpet to the steps.

dog cage

dog bath


that's all for today, see you all tomorrow

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I am back and working on my minis

I had a great day, I made some bottles of shampoo, doggy soaps, a couple of plagues, some gift boxes, I thought as it is an upmarket parlour, it would be great to make up some gift boxes to sell. I have got a few more bits to do,
On ebay i found some pet boxes ect, so I am waiting to see what comes before I continue with my shampoos/

I also finished the shelf units, I had a great idea for the stairs, I cut out some paw prints and put them on the stairs and the units, I added some little doggy cutouts, I think it looks so cute.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to start putting the little house together, and trying to make the furniture for the parlour, I have collected some peices that I think will help me, we will see I will let you know how I get on

here are the pictures

a little update

Morning all,
well drugs are kicking in and I am feeling much better, thank you so much for your kind messages, its lovely to know you care.went to have my bloods checked and they are maintaining their levels, buy I am back to 2 weekly checks. On a good point my heart tests came back all right, so one less worry.

Well I did manage to get some work done yesterday, will not bore you with photos as it was my favourite bit, painting and waiting for it to dry.

I spent a lot of time on my computer researching Doggy parlours, looking for ideas on how to make the equipment, some of it will be a challenge, I also found some great patterns, got an idea on where they will be used.
I put in search, dog paws, I got pages I never knew there was so many different pictures of dog paws, sad what we look at.

Got a bit of normal life this morning, housework and washing, boring, but then its into my workroom and enter my min world, hope to see you there