Saturday, 6 October 2012

my weeek

Hi All
its been a few days since I blogged, I had one of those weeks, my pain levels increased and the only way to cope with this is to rest in bed, I think its the chance in the weather, its got colder and I always find that I am worse when its cold, I did take my computer to bed with me, I know some take books I take a laptop, I am continuing with my research into Romany Gypsy caravans, taking notes and pinning on Pinterest, I cannot wait to get started on this project.

I have managed to complete some of the miniatures to take to the shop, I am going to display them in small room boxes, so that they can be seen in a setting and gives others an idea of what they can do, I am very excited about this new venture, i do not expect to make loads of money, I am happy with earning enough to allow me to keep my hobby going.

I have taken some pictures of what I have done so far, and do not talk to me about photos, I sorted out how to get my pictures back on the blog to find that I now do not have any space left on my goggle account for photos unless I paid for me!! so I am gradually deleting photos and freeing up space to add more, its an never ending task, it has made me more selective on what photo's I put on here.

I hope you are following Mini Jazzi's travels around the world, I cannot wait for her to visit me, I have a great surprise waiting for her, cannot tell you what it is, as I know she reads the blogs, but I know she will be pleased, I do envy her visiting all those wonderful places and learning so much, as I cannot travel any more, I am reading her adventures and travelling with her in my head.

I will be back Monday, with any Give a ways I can find, I hope you are using the links and entering the Give a ways, I must say there are some very generous people in the mini world.
see you all soon.

a bashed and distressed dresser
can you see the make up?
complete set for the lady who travels


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Minhas Minis - My Minis: Mini Jazzi World Trip (Day 9 in Brazil)

Minhas Minis - My Minis: Mini Jazzi World Trip (Day 9 in Brazil): MJ adorou saber que pode continuar a viagem, porque hoje passamos o dia em Natal, no Rio Grande do Norte! Ganhou este nome porque o lugar fo...

A update on MJ, she is in Brazil having the time of her life, check it out, you will love where she is

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lovejoy Bears: Giveaway to Celebrate Lovejoy Bears new Etsy Shop

Lovejoy Bears: Giveaway to Celebrate Lovejoy Bears new Etsy Shop:   I am having a giveaway to celebrate the opening of  Lovejoy Bears Etsy shop  -YAY! I want to thank you all for supporting me and my ... this is a lovely blog, I spent ages lurking about here, and she is having a great give a way, check it out

Monday give a ways on Tuesday

Hi All
yes I will be finding you give a way today, yesterday I had hospital appointments so did not have the time to look for give a ways, so I have one scan out of the way, waiting for the other one, then results in November.

I am still working on minis for the shop, nearly there, will show photos when finished, I am being frugal with my photos now, I have cleared up some space in my web albums, but need to get rid of a lot more.

well I am off to see what I can dind for you today, I hope you are entering the give a ways  let me know if you win.