Wednesday, 25 July 2012

so disgusted

Hi All,
this is not mini related but a rant
I am so disgusted and horrified that it cam be called testing but sewing up kittens eyes, keeping them in induced comas, and then letting them wake, before putting them to sleep. How can this be right!!
I am against all cruelty to all animals, and I hope that many of you feel like I do,
Millie.  RIP
Rant over

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I am enjoying the sun

Hi All
hello and welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my ramblings and the miniatures I create.
I have not done a lot, painted a couple of coffins, I have an order for a pink mobility scooter, so working on that.

But the biggie is WE FINALLY HAVE SUN, I really thought summer had forgot to call here, but this week we have been up into the 30's, so been sitting out enjoying it.
Got a shock today, My mum and dad came over with my birthday pressie and some plants for my garden, we then went shopping, I was feeling really good,
I happened to say, I cannot believe I am 55 this Sunday, what they both shouted, you are 56, why did they not lie, going for a lie down, see you all later

Monday, 23 July 2012

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #16

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #16: Happy Monday! Welcome to another Mini Link Party for fellow miniaturists everywhere. Jazzi's Mini Link Party is to increase awareness o...
why not join in Jazzi's Monday link party, lets help get the word out about our minis

Sunday, 22 July 2012

At Last

Hi All
At last we have some sun, and they are saying there is more to come, you see my garden, In have more weeds than flowers, so me thinks I need to have a few days on my garden,, good job I enjoy weeding, trouble is it takes me a long time, I have to sit and weed,
I can finally get my washing out, I was beginning to look like a Chinese laundry, I do not have a tumble dryer, so it can be difficult to get my washing dry. anyway enough rambling, lets talk minis

It is free listing on eBay this weekend, so have been busy putting my minis on, I have not sold anything on Esty, not sure if this it the right way to sell my minis, many people I speak to have never heard of Esty, anyone have thoughts on this?

I am still working my way through my large amount of stash a,d I found a grandfather clock, so I have given it a shabby chic look,
I also finished off 2 baskets that I had, one I made and the other I had brought, I filled them both with flowers, the other item I got finished was my cross stitch double bed cover, I am really pleased with it, that took me a long time, and many stitches but was worth it in the end.

that's all for today, washing to hang out, weeding to be done
see you all soon.

here are the photos

made this basket, using aida fabric

my wild patch