Thursday, 18 February 2016

A bit long this one so be prepared

Hi All
Must say thank you for your lovely comments

Some may moan about the cold and rain, me love it, yes that means I can stay in my workroom and bugger what is happening outside. So on that note this is what I have been up to.

I finished off my sink, pleased with how it came out. have got to work out how to make a seat, 

I got some lovely lime green fabric from ebay and used this to cover 2 chars I had painted black, they will go in front of the  mirrors and small tables.

I did a dry run and put the bits I had made in the room box, I tried different arrangements and I think I have finally found how I want it to look, it looks very clean and tidy, will not be like that when it is finished.

I decided on a name, must admit it is not original but one I liked, so I printed out the name, laminated it and then cut them out, very fiddly, but worth it in the end.

Today I am doing research, another excuse to sit on my bum, well actually I have another project to do, it will be a clinic set in the Niger Delta, let me explain before you think she has finally lost the plot.

It started with my normal checkup at the doctors, once we had discussed my condition ect, he asked what did I do with myself, so i told him about my miniatures, he then had a look at my blog, he loved them, he then told me about the work he does for a clinic in the Niger Delta, he is one of the founder members, anyone interested in this, you can find it here

anyway to cut a long story short, I have agreed to make a clinic room box which will be auctioned to raise money for them.
Typical me to choose an easy project.
So I am researching the Niger Delta, the Foundation, clinic and equipment, I will be putting my progress on here.
Well better shut up now, I told you it was long

I made the spray attachment using an ear piece and black wire

2 hair dryers, (charms painted) added leads and the hair straightener is a bit of kebab stick, silver paper and a bead

Monday, 15 February 2016

cold weather keeps me inside

Hi All

Yes it's cold outside, so that means I have to spend more time in my workroom, well someone has to do it.

I finished off the nail bar table, just used bits from my trash drawer, made tiny emery boards, just used real  sandpaper and stuck it to a tiny bit of card.

I  made a sink, I used balsa wood, scrap wood and a toilet roll

I start with an idea in my head and then make some sketches of what I want it to look like, then I look through my stash and start,  usually I make it up as I go along, I try to take notes, but my mind changes and I do something different, so it makes no sense if I write it down. babbling again.

I also painted the shop front, I have gone with black and green,  just need to find the door, I have put it some where safe, so safe I cannot find it !!!

Anyway have a look at the photo's