Thursday, 31 July 2014

can't think of a title so not done one

Hi All

Thank you for your birthday wishes, yes I had a nice day, my son and his wife are over this week, they live in Edinburgh , its the baby shower this Saturday and they are taking me out for lunch, really looking forward to that. I treasure the times i get to see my son, living so far away, visits and few.

No I cannot think of a title for this, sometimes that happens and I like to put something.

Did not do a lot yesterday, my work room got to hot, have started to decorate the inside of the helmet, and have painted a base colour for the floor, will be working on that some more today.

Made a oil tank for old oil, this was just a tube from the inside of a kitchen foil roll, put top and bottom on it, painted it and added a bung on top of the lid, somewhere for the waste oil to go and a tap to empty it, made some bits, really must find the names of the things I am making,  my son just shouted, they are fan belts, I got some black covered wire, cut them into smaller pieces, joined them together and added a label . couple of batteries, just blocks of wood, cardboard and painted black and jump leads, again using wire, adding a bit of metal to ends and tied them together.

well the sun is shining again today and the forecast is hot. got to sort out my photos, getting over loaded and lots of duplicates,  then its into work shop to work on helmet some more

the roof and wall have to be off white, will mucky them up a bit, but any darker and you would not be bale to see inside.

oil waste tank, fan belts,batteries and jump leads

base colour on floor

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hi All

gosh its so hot, my legs are swollen, cannot get my shoes on, and I was 58 today,  its getting closer to my bus pass, tried running the other way but birthdays don't go away, never mind, what's age, its just a number!! well thats off  my chest, now on to more important things

my mini project,  it has took me all day to make one thing, according to my son its the gases for welding, I used my junk and just kept putting bits on it, if you  had seen it before I painted it you would of thought it was a pile of rubbish,and you are right in a way it is, but painted it becomes a welding set.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a bit more done tomorrow.

have a look, what do you think?