Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I hit the wall

Hi All

Yes I hit the wall!! what do I mean? well as some of you know I have nerve damage to my spine, this causes me to live in extreme pain, ( I also have others things wrong with me) usually my condition is kept under control using medication. There are times when I have a crisis and last week was one of them.
 My legs filled up with fluid and I had a lot of pain.
With trepidation I visited my  GP, he is new to me, I usually have to go through everything and they always seem to be the one that wants to mess about with my medication. This one was a little poppet, he took time with me and we had quite a chat,  he gave a stronger medicine that I can take when I get break through pain and drugs to help get through of the fluid.

The outcome of this I have been sleeping and resting a lot, I am now hopefully coming out of it, and will soon be able to get back to my minis.

I knew that at some time this would happen, stress affects me and brings on a crisis and as you remember I nursed my mum and then had all the stress of her funeral and sorting of her belongings.
I don't usually reveal to much about my condition and most of the time I can get on with it, but there are times where I need extra help, 

See you all soon xx