Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hi to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog

Having another good day, must be the weather, have finished my owl school and my friend now wants to buy it, its difficult I find when selling to friends as I always feel I should let them have items cheaper, so I am trying to decide the best price,

also finished my baby shop, so now have enough to put on ebay this weekend,
pictures below of the shop, 

My little Yorkie, Freebie is feeling sorry for herself today she has had a haircut, sometimes she gets more pampering then me, she will be worse tomorrow I am going to bath her, that will be fun I get just as wet as she does.

anyway here are the pictures

well that's all for now, I have now got to decide what next to do, maybe I will work on my house for a change, see you all soon

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Welcome Susi I hope you
will enjoy my blog and the items I create.

I have been working hard today and just had to show you all how I was getting on, I have sat in my workroom nearly all day and its only when my little dog barked I realised that it was tea time, don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of miniatures, oh for a chef!!
so I quickly fed the dog, threw together a stir fry and got back to minis,  I have just got the base to finish, I must admit I had forgotten about it and kept wondering why it would not sit right, as I was moving some bits I came across the base, I can be so dizzy at times, so now have got that to paint, in the mean time let me show you what I have done

as you can see I have now decorated the outside and placed the furniture and owls inside, I had hoped to make a playground for the garden but on looking at it there was not enough space so I added a garden instead. I am really pleased with this and now just to paint the bas and then its ready. I will be putting this on eBay for sale hopefully this weekend I have a few more miniatures to finish off first, I will have to see how I get on.
well that it for now, ironing awaits, see you all soon

owl school

Well i am still taking things slowly, working one day resting the next, but feeling much better, I have been working on my owl school so thought I would update you all on the progress,
this is it in its original state before I got my hands on it

my first attempt at owls

next attempt, the school teacher and his pupils

inside I repainted, added shelves, blackboard and a cute little clock, I made this using a cut out of a clock face and a small hand bead.

on one of the shelves I placed 2 plates with apples and orange slices,
i am now at the stage of putting it together, this is the bit I enjoy the most, i made the little owls from filmo first time I had tried to make animals and I think they came out well, anyway I will let you be the judge see my pictures

still a bit more to go, some more painting and the garden to sort out, got an idea for a playground, but will have to see if I have enough room,
see you all later