Monday, 11 April 2016

Difficult week

Hi All

Not a very good week for my little Freebie, she is having an operation on Wednesday to repair the ligament in her back left leg, she has been having problems for a while and last week the ligament slipped and stayed out. She is limping but not in pain. I know this because all  my 3 dogs have had a season and they delight in bonking each other.

Today I have the groomer coming, she is going to tidy Freebie up and give her a haircut so that she is ready for Wednesday.
I am quite worried about her, its not so much the operation, its after wards she will be in a cage for about 6 weeks, she will not be allowed to jump around and must rest, this is to prevent her fracturing her leg, she is usually so active, it is going to be difficult for her.

I am giving her lots of cuddles and love.