Friday, 19 April 2013

I have been a naughty blogger

Hi All
Yes I have been naughty, I have not been on here for over a week, following my non operation, I have had lots to sort out, for one they left me not knowing what I was to do about my warfarin!! this took over 4 days to sort, and in that time I did not know if I had the correct dosage to maintain my bloods, I was still having the injections plus tablets, finally my GP's secretary, Sally, go involved and I had a blood test Wednesday, no one including me could believe I had managed to maintain my levels, no more injections.

Secondary I had an appointment to attend a Pulmonary clinic, this was exercisers and support for my COPD, had to cancel that, has I do not know when my operation will be and will not be able to do the exercisers, I have 6 months in which I can rebook.

I have been trying to find out the date of the operation, I am waiting for them to get back to me, I rang the next day after my cancelled operation and was told she will get back to me,

Some times life can be so frustrating. For  a few days I did not know what to do with myself, I had in my head prepared for the op and was not expecting to be able to do anything, it was very hard to get out of this mind-set, but finally my head is getting back to what I call normal!! others call it the madness of minis,

I have been working on the outside and roof of my music shop, nearly finished, will show you when its done.

I was looking around Pinterest, I love that, it is so addictive and I can lose myself on there for ages, anyway I came across a lovely real life size double bed covering made of layers of lace, so I got a lovely gold metal bed frame and set about recreating it in mini, I was really pleased with the result.
I also started to take to pieces a 3 piece suite that I want to recover, so you can see the madness begins.

I am not getting into big projects as I may be called at anytime for my operation, but if I do not have it by the middle of May I want to wait till after August, my son's graduation and Wedding takes place 1st July and 31st August so do not want to be recovering during those times, plus I am going to Edinburgh on the 30th June for a week so that will have to wait till I am ready.
 Have a look at what I have done

this is the suite I want to recover

my bed