Saturday, 22 January 2011

busy week and help wanted

I have had a real busy week, nearly completed updating the haberdashery shop, sometimes I think I must be mad, I sat one night and made 25 pattern envelopes to put in a little box, you will only see the first one, but I have to be so realistic when I make something, also made loads of books and other bits, pictures coming soon.
went to my local dolls house club we are trying to learn to make clothes, I have made simple outfits but would love to make some real fancy dresses,
I have also decided to have a web page from there I hope to sell my miniatures from there I am hoping someone will have some advice for me on the best way to do this, I have been looking at some of the free web sites but not sure, so any help and advice really welcome.
see you all soon

Monday, 17 January 2011

new week

This year is already flying by, we are nearly at the end of January, and soon I will be thinking about Valentines day, lets hope I get some surprises!!
anyway this week I will be continuing with updating the haberdashery shop, so far I have repainted, wallpapered and but brick effect paper on the out side, so today I hope to do the skirting boards and the coving, if I have time I will also make some more bits, forgot, i have also updated the shelves and cabinets,
I have also been spraying some furniture black to complete the bedroom suite.
so lots to do this week, thats apart from the normal everyday home life,
Its raining here freebie my little dog hates the rain and will not have a walk, but it means I have to play with her to wear her out a bit otherwise she will not let me do anything, love her to bits,
I am also on a heath kick and am now having a healthy eating plan, not too bad but it takes longer to cook meals as I am trying to do everything from scratch, making my own sauces ect, and the big news I have stopped smoking, into day 4, its not as bad as I thought,
well more to follow later, housework and shopping to do before I can get into the work room so better get on