Saturday, 10 January 2015

I have started

Hi All

Yes it is now official, I have started my big shop.

 I had hoped to start building the ground floor,but the cabinet that I have ordered as not yet arrived.

This staircase is the sort of thing I want on the ground floor,only want to do it in marble with black and gold railings.  Looks easy!! why  do I have this need to change things? does anyone else suffer with this.

So I started making men's accessories, I began with men's ties, I made a tie template and using ribbons started, I also made a tie gift box, in this is a tie, hankie and matching cuff-links. this little lot took me all day. I found it better to use double sided tape instead of glue, less messy and no waiting for glue to dry.

Today, hopefully I will  make more tie sets and tie's, also hankies in a box.  

tie gift box