Saturday, 5 May 2012

still undecided

Hi All
I am still undecided about the outside of the shop, I have painted some scrap wood in different colours to see which one I like, I am also collecting egg cartons to make stones from, I am getting nearer to making my mind up but I want it to be perfect so would rather take my time and get it right.

So I made distressed another unit to fill with Jewel's, I have been busy making jewellery to put into the cabinets, have got a couple of photos for you to see.

Now a moan, I am so fed up with this rain, not a day as gone by without rain, we have had enough, it seems so funny they announce a hose pipe ban and then we get rain, oh well moan over. I am having a very quiet weekend, my son is away so I have the house to myself, it is so peaceful, I can eat when I want, do what I want and no one is here to bother me, bliss

better show you the photos

Friday, 4 May 2012


Hi All

I had a disaster this week, my computer crashed, I was totally lost, time dragged, what was I to do, so several frantic calls later, this morning I was back on line, thank goodness, 2 days seemed endless, never want that to happen again.

I did find that I got going a bit earlier in the mornings, I cannot just sit and do nothing and daytime telly bores me.

I am still working on my shabby chic shop, but I have come to a stand still, I cannot make my mind up what to do with the outside, any ideas gratefully received.

While I was waiting for inspiration to strike I decided to get on with making my items to sell, after searching through my stash I found a couple of items that I thought I could do something with. they are both going to be made into shabby chic and have jewellery in them. I have been busy making jewellery displays ( no photos of them just yet, waiting for glue to dry) but I do have photos of the furniture, one has already been painted the other has just had its first coat on.

so I will leave you with the photos while I catch up on the blogs that I have sorely missed reading

first unit before


before, you will have to wait for the after

had to add this, my little puppy, now 9 mths old, see how small she is

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

its coming on

Hi All

I am so pleased with this project, its better than I thought it would be, Today I worked on the bedroom, I was going to just paint the walls, but I found this great paper and a bit of working out I managed to make it fit one wall. I completed the wardrobe, filled it with bits, I did not notice that one of the legs was broken, so as she does not bother much I just stuck some books under it to make it stand up, I am sure she will replace the wardrobe in time, but getting the shop up and running is her priorty, I decided she coule not afford a dressing table so she made do with a chest of drawers with a mirror on the top, I mades some perfume, boxes and jewellery to put on the top. I added some clothes to the drawers, making it look untidy, I placed a shawl on the bed, My friend Sue made me this, it is so delicate and looks great on the bed.

I had a spare rocking horse, so I put that in the bedroom as well, added a mat, the bed clothes I had made, still need to make some slippers, pictures and a light, but its almost there.

In the living room, I decorated the table with bits, to make it look used, I removed the tablecloth, it was making it difficult to put things on it and for them to stay fixed.

In the shop, I had some baskets so I made fabric bits, ribbons and paper to put in these and dotted them around the shop floor,

Now I have to start to work on the outside.

This is becoming one of my favorite projects. Anyway here's the pictures for you to see

back to painting

Hi All
its still raining here, it seems impossible that we have a hose pipe ban yet around the country we have floods and flood warnings, its all beyond me. My garden is beginning to look so water logged, I have a very large puddle in my lawn, which my puppy Muppet seems to love. Never mind the more it rains the more I cannot go out, so more time for minis.

Thank you for the lovely comments I have been receiving about my shabby chic shop. I am glad you are enjoying the progress.

Yesterday I was doing my favourite bit, Painting!! I am now starting on the bedroom area, I was hoping to make a en-suite as well, but I am lacking in space, so we will have to pretend there is another room for the bathroom.

I have started to paint the ceiling, and some of the furniture that I want to put in there, I keep forgetting to take before photos, note to self, must try harder. There are no photos to show you today, but have sent you some printies, Please remember these are not my printies are they are for your personal use only. I get them from my Luna Girl cd, that I brought years ago.

hope to have more to show you tomorrow.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

my lazy day

Hi All
although I did say I would do nothing today, I lied, during Dallas I made a pair of bloomers and a cameo top, I sat and thought I must start to make my shop lady some clothes, as she cannot go around with nothing on, mind you I have not got anyone to run the shop yet.
I must advertise next week, as it is nearly finished.

I wonder what I will do next, see I am already thinking ahead, I will first start to get my for sale page up and running, I have a couple of items that I can put on, I just need to make sure I get the photos right.

Anyway this was just a quick note to show you the little outfit I made

new idea

HI All
I sit here this morning, its still raining only this time its windy as well, so there is no going out, will stay in keeping warm, oh how I long for summer, moan over.

I have had lots of people asking if I sell my work, I do some times on eBay, its only a few times a year, I am not a regular seller.
That got me thinking, should I make a new page for miniatures
 After seeking advice and I must admit I wanted encouragement. I decided to go ahead and do it, so far all I have done is make the page, but I will be adding items that I want to sell.
Wish me luck,

I hope to be doing some minis today, first its my weekly secret treat, I sit and watch Dallas, yes I love it, I control myself and do not watch any of the episodes during the week, so I can sit all Sunday morning and indulge myself.

so better go its on.