Thursday, 21 March 2013

Nearly Done

Hi All

Yes the music shop is on its final run, I managed to get a lot done yesterday, I still need the top done so I can fit lights and paint it and I have to decide what I will do on the exterior of the shop, thinking paint.

I found this one easy to do and not that much challenging, as I really did not need to make much for this, just design the interior. Its not like I usually do, but I am still pleased with it.

I was checking what I have to do, are you ready for this

3 caravans
2 room boxes
1 conservatory
1 large shed
and a garden scene,

Plus lots of furniture to bash, so I do not think I need to get anything else.

The other week I got very ruthless and sorted out a lot of my stash and got rid of a lot on ebay, now I can see what I have got, I also sorted it in to boxes and labelled them, so now hopefully when I need some thing I will be able to find it, do you know I have the feeling I have done this lots of times, the happiness and confusion of miniatures.

here are the photo's

need to add its name and door knob

I never use people , but I feel this needs one

I have filled both shelves with music sheets, books and records.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mijbil Creatures: Springtime Giveaway!

Mijbil Creatures: Springtime Giveaway!: Yesterday I mentioned a surprise, and so here it is,  Mijbil Creatures' second giveaway! : ) There are several things to cele...

and another one, fancy a cake, then enter this give a way for your chance to win one

Obsidian Hall: Giveaway...

Obsidian Hall: Giveaway...

want to own some lovely lavender, then go enter this great give a way, while you are there why not spend time and look at this lovely blog

Real life took over

Hi All
so sorry but did not get a chance yesterday to look for give a ways, real life took over, I had 15 parcels to wrap, was down to the last one when I realised I had put something in the wrong parcel, and could not remember which one, this resulted in opening the parcels and guess what, it was in the 6th parcel, so had to re wrap, what a day, going to post today,
but before I go I will go and look for give a ways

So -------------------------------------hear that, that's my feet running

Monday, 18 March 2013

Its Monday and more

Hi All

Before I do anything I must say thank you and welcome to my new followers, sorry it took a while for me to say this.

Yes its Monday and you know what happens today, yes I will be flying around the web looking for give a ways for you to enter, have fun and please let me know if you win.

Now lets talk about the music shop, I have been really getting stuck in with it now, it always seems to speed up when I am near the finishing line,  I have started adding the instruments and other bits and pieces, I have so much, finished of the sound booth, just have a shelf to go in, finish of the floor, I had to get more flooring, I got the checked floor from Jennifer's printies, down loaded it onto card and the laminated it, I made another shelf unit to put the records on, made some music sheets, did lots really, you will see from the photos, I am waiting for the top part to be made before I can do the ceiling and the lights. I have made some signs they will go on to the shop front,

Before I can get on with the shop I have got loads of minis to wrap and get ready for posting, I nearly sold every thing I put on eBay this week, I sell to ensure that I have enough money to carry on with my hobby, not being able to work, I live on a strict budget, so I am always pleased when my minis sell. I am also saving hard, my son is getting married this August, so need an outfit, I am making them both something really special for a gift,  I cannot say what it is or even show you, my son checks out my blog, when it is done and the wedding is over will show you.

Before I nip off and find give a ways I had better show you some photo's