Thursday, 27 February 2014

I have seen the scans

Hi All

I am so excited, I have seen the baby scan, it is now 12 weeks old and I could see the baby, they have decided that they do not want to know the sex, but I bet they will change their minds, knowing Amy like I do she will not be able to wait.

So I have been busy looking at patterns to knit and sew, I want to make a shawl and a patchwork cot cover, but every time I think I have found something I like I find another!! have finally narrowed them down to 10 and now I have to make a decision, will let you know when I make my mind up.

My legs remain swollen, if I sit all day with my legs elevated, they are not to bad, but I do not want to sit all day, I think its back to my doctor for a chat.

It has been to cold to sit in my work room so I have been sitting in the kitchen and have had a go at making clothes, as usual I started on a easy pattern, a mans suit!!, I think I used to thick material, but it came out alright, I have a lot of clothes to make for my dolls house shop, finally made my mind up, ground floor will be accessories, perfume and toiletries and make up, 1st floor, handbags, cases and shopping bags, babies wear, 2nd floor ladies and men's clothes, attic, ladies and men's hairdressing salon, I will be present day. I am going to make everything I hope myself. I also want to have on the ground floor a large fancy staircase leading up to the floor above. I have a conservatory, still in its box, I am thinking about this becoming a tearoom to sit along side the big shop.

This will be a keep me,  I cannot wait to get started on it, but until I have got rid of my other 2 dolls houses and made room I have to wait. I even know where it is going to sit, it will go into my front room, but need to made adaptions to my shelving unit. So there you have it my big plan for the year.

I also need to finish my beach shop. Its nearly there, just outside to paint and roofing to finish an then I can start to put in the minis I have made and make it look like shop.
I still intend to make and sell my minis, well I have to find the money somewhere and as we know this is not a cheap hobby.
So much to do.

Have a look at what I have sewn so far

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hi All

yes it was a big oops, I was laying the roofing tiles and the end was in sight and guess what? yes the roof was the wrong way round!!!  so there I was was removing the tiles, then came the fun of cleaning of the glue, this took ages, I think if I had more tiles I would of ended up throwing them away, but being on a budget could not do this so I carried on.
finally I got both sides of the roof tiled. Now I need to wait for them to dry so I can begin to make them look like real roofing tiles, I had already painted the roof grey so that any gaps would not show as white.

I had a problem that I had been thinking about for a few days, how was I going to get inside the shop when I put the final wall and roof on? first I thought should I make one of the walls hinged? or the roof hinged? I finally decided on the roof, this seemed the easiest, I have got to find hinges now, how is it that one thing leads to another!!

I continued on with my shelving, I have to wait for the glue to dry before I can get on with putting the shelves on, handy tip, if you have items that are to big for your clamps but you need to hold them in place, use masking tape, this does not leave any sticky residue and more important does not remove any paint when removed.

here are the photos,

the shelving pieces painted 

the roof tiles, the right way round

this is the shelf being held together with the masking tape