Saturday, 14 April 2012

finished the bedroom suite

Hi All

another follower, hello and welcome, I hope you will enjoy my little blog, please feel free to leave a comment.

That's another injection out the way, 2 more to go, but Monday, is looming, but as I promised myself I have finished the bedroom suite, it has come out well and I am very pleased with it.

I am still making a list of things I can do, as I said I have loads of books, I also have lots of stuff about miniatures on my computer, such as projects, printies, article, so I thought I could sort them out, put them in order, label them, so that when I want to find something it will be easy for me to find, of course I will have all your lovely blogs to read. see I am being positive, although its not a big operation, my rt arm will be out of action for a while, and as I am rt. handed this will make it difficult for me to do a lot, not sure yet how long I will be out of action, I just know I have weeks of physio to look forward to.

Its the dolls house fair tomorrow, I am hoping to find some lights for my Victorian house, something to cover the outside of my shop, more findings, I can never have enough of them, and maybe some more bits, I will take photos for you to see what I buy.

Lets get on with my photos

Friday, 13 April 2012

Hi All

2 down 3 to go, I must admit the injections do not really hurt, its just the thought of doing it, the first one took ages, this one I just went for it. Well I am not going to dwell on it, there are other things I got up to yesterday.

I had decided to just make a corset to lie on the bed, but I got a bit carried away, I ended up making a blanket, dressing gown, knickers, a top and a corset. I blame the fabric, it is a lovely pink silk.

Th blanket is a peice of linen, I cut it to shape and blanket stitched all round the outside.

I have found a chair that I can use and today I will start to transform it to match the bed set.

My little shop keeps looking at me, but until I see whats on offer at the dolls house fair it can keep looking.

I belong to several groups on face book, they are all about miniatures and through them I have contact with a lovely bunch of people, we chat about minis, show off our minis and hopefully sell our minis, anyway when I go to the fair, I am going to meet one of the ladies I chat to, we have never met, but have been brought together through our love of creating miniatures, it will be lovely to put a face to a name.

So lets get on with the photos.

the back of the corset has tiny cross stitch along the back and a small bow, this is to represent the laces ate the back.

see the pink boa, this is just a trim, all I did is cut it to the size I wanted

Thursday, 12 April 2012

the frist one done

Hi All
yes the first injection is done, I am now on count down, 4 more to go, it will be easier now, she says with a smile on her face.The dentist visit went well, one filling and a clean up, I can cope with that.

Thank you for your lovely comments about my bed room set, and for sending me positive thoughts.

I sorted out my books yesterday, I cannot believe how many books on dolls houses, they include sewing, embroidery, making, decorating, shops the list goes on, I did try to thin them out I thought I do not need 74 books, Yes I said 74!! but I could not get rid of any of them, I use them so much, I have a lot of reference books, also books on dolls,  my favourite Queen Marys Dolls house and vintage dolls houses, I do look at them and read them, see I can find a reason for keeping every one. Please tell me there are others out there who loves books.

So what did I do yesterday, I finished the bedding for the bed, at first I thought using so many different blues (5 in total) would not work, but it does. I am pleased with the finished effect.

I also finished the dressing table, I made the perfume bottles and boxes, included a small photo frame, letters, scissors jewellery ( which I made) and a small book, I usually fill the drawers with bits, but the drawers are really tiny, so I have left them empty.

I will be making a hat box, a hat and maybe some items of clothing not sure yet, will see how I feel this morning.

I found some lovely pink fur trim in the local craft shop, will find a use for this, it does lend itself to being a ladies boa, I maybe can drape it over the chair, that's another item I need a chair for the dressing table,

Well my friends better get on, time is going fast and soon my rt arm will be out of action for a while and so much want to get this done, so here are the latest photos.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Still painting

Hi All
yes I am still painting, it did not make it dry any quicker letting you watch it dry,
I have managed to strip all the paint off the outside of the shop and I have now given it a paint wash of diluted emuslion, this will help either paint, paper or brick to adhere better.
I am doing the same to all of the inside tomorrow, I still cannot make my mind up what I am going to do with the out side, the inside will be painted in modern colours, so not going to bore you today with the photos of paint drying.

In between the painting I decided to transform a bedroom suite, I am again not sure if I will be using this in the flat above the shop.
I did forget to take a before photo, but it was dark brown, I have repainted it with a blue paint, then put white over the top and then distressed it, it has come out ok, I added some jewellery bits to it to give it a bit of character, I am using different shades and patterns of blue for the bedding and the chair.
The wardrobe has shelves so I will fill that with towels and some clothing, the dressing table will be dressed with perfumes ect, I like to make my miniatures look lived in.

I collected my injections yesterday, today I will be starting to give myself them, have got to do this for 5 days, operation creeping closer.
I decided that rather than moaning about not being able to do much I will spend the time reading all your blogs. indexing my magazines, see trying to be positive and have stuff to look forward to.

Dentist today, another thing I do not like doing,

Well I will leave you with the photos, and see you tomorrow

can you see the jewellery bits

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Hi All
I hope you all had a lovely Easter, mine was quiet, Sunday I sat and watched Dallas, love that programme, and had my dinner cooked for me, that was very nice.

I have been busy working on my shop, I have no photos for you, as I am just sanding, rubbing down, I do not know what paint was used to paint the outside of the shop, its a bugger to get off, they did not prime the wood, I always do that, as I feel it makes it easier for the paint to stick, and I also sand between coats, this shop looks like the paint was just thrown on, its been hard work, one of the windows is broken, have mended it but I need the inner bit, I am trying to get the hard bits done before my operation as I am aware that I will be a bit restricted, I have been told my rt arm will be out of action for a few weeks,

I have blocked off the gap where the stairs would go to the second floor, I am going to put in a false wall with a door to give the illusion of a staircase, I want to make full use of the ground floor, this is where the shop will be, and the living accommodation on the top, I will have to divide the attic space to make a bedroom and bathroom, the living space will be open plan, so modern.

I cannot decide what decoration I will be using for the walls or the floors, I am going to a dolls house fair Sunday, its in Kingslynn, its only a small one, but I hope to find what I need from there, if not I will have to look at ebay, I need hinges, screws, roofing tiles ect, plus I hope to find a replacement window.

Well this will not do, sitting here in my pjs, chatting to you, I will get nothing done, so going now and I hope tomorrow I will have some photos for you.