Saturday, 31 January 2015

I continue

Hi All
Yes I continue with my handbags, I have lots of pictures, taken from magazines,  and I am trying to copy them in miniature. I have to work out what size they would be in miniature and then I make a pattern, sound easy doesn't it?  I make one first in cardboard and once I am happy, I then make it in leather. 

I put pictures of my handbags on Facebook,  I got asked if I could make a Cath Kidston one, so I had a go. was quite pleased with it, but was not that happy with the buckles, so today I am  going to try to make buckles,  I love a challenge. Will show you the results.

If anyone knows of a easy way to make buckles,let me know,thanks.

Friday, 30 January 2015

MitchyMooMiniatures: New Project

MitchyMooMiniatures: New Project:      Early last year, I made a conscious decision to make permanent homes for all of the beautiful miniatures I have. It pains me to have th...

great give a way on here, take a look and while you there check out the beautiful cteations

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Well a girl can never have enough handbags

Hi All

Thank you all for the comments you have been posting, its lovely to see so many people read my little blog and enjoy what I say and do.

Yes its true a girl can never have enough handbags, and that's why I am busy making them, these are to go in my new project.

see what you think

Little Heart, viewer and thumbnails: A Giveaway

Little Heart, viewer and thumbnails: A Giveaway

this is a great give a way, why not enter and have a chance to win this beautiful work

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

a funny story to be told.

Hi All

I had a quiet few days,was not able to do much, this was due to my prescription being mucked up, I have my medication every month and usually  all I have to do is collect it and have been doing this for a very long time, this month, guess what? go to collect and they do not know what I am talking about!!! everyone was blaming each other, this was no help to me, so it meant I had to wait 2 days before I could get it sorted, why does it always happen at a weekend. 

This meant my body reacted to the lack of medication and I just had to sit and wait, I was able to take my standby meds, but they do make me very sleepy and a bit spaced out. I was so glad when Monday came and I could get it all sorted, then it was a couple of days to get my body back to normal, well as normal as it can be. 

I did manage yesterday to finish off some more of the accessories that I was making,
I so much want to get on with painting the shop, but my work room is to small for me to do it in there, I really want a nice day where I can do it outside, frustrating, I may have to just do a couple of bits at a time, will have to think about it.

Here is a funny tale for you, years ago, in my wild days, my cousins husband painted me, wait for it---------NUDE, yes I mean naked and proud, I wanted to look back when I was a lot older and say yes I once looked good,  when my marriage ended, I gave my picture to  my mum to look after it for me till I got my new home and had some where to display it, so I go to collect it and my mum said she had done something to it, now I thought,maybe new frame, NO NO!! guess what she had done? she had a dress painted over my body, yes a bloody dress, she did not like to see it, as it was in  her loft, I could not understand why. various people have tried to remove my dress,  I do mean from my painting,  but not had much luck, its oil on oil, I could take it to a proper restorer but it is expensive, so for now, it hangs on my bedroom wall, just waiting for me to reveal me again.

I was so upset about it, I will never look like that again, my mum just thought it looked better.

Well I had better show you my pictures 

me and my dress.