Friday, 16 January 2015

been busy today

Hi All

yes been busy today, I made some shirts in boxes, these are very fiddly to do,but once I got into the swing of it,it got easy,

I did not intend to start making clothes yet, but you know how it is, I always end up having  loads of projects on the go.

have not started painting the big house yet, I was going to use watered down white emulsion paint, but  a  friend of mine,he is a carpenter said it would be better to use a primer on the MDF, it gives a better seal. So I need to get some.

I am a bit sore this week, my dad came over and brought his dogs with him, the young one is very boisterous and he tried to get out of the door as I was going out and  he ended up tripping me up,so a bit bruised and battered. Never mind it gave me a good excuse to sit down and the best place to sit,just happened to  be  my workroom.

well enough about me, have a look at my shirts and hankie set.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

just a quickie

Hi All

this is just a quickie, but had to show you my new unit for my dolls house, the drawers and cupboard will be used to store my bits,now I can really get started.

see my grandson Jack

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

So excited

Hi All

Yes I am so excited, my unit, that I ordered  to stand my big house on, its arrived, yes its here. I bribed my son to put it together for me.
Tomorrow I will put on a photo for you to see.

Anyway what have I been up to ? still making accessories for the men's department, ties were pretty much a failure,the tape did not hold, but thank's to my good friend Sue, she said to use wonder web,   I did  and its woks a treat.

I made some more tie sets, I have printed of loads of  men's aftershave boxes and some other items, so I have a lot to cut out, the pile looks so big,  still I do need lots,

Now that my unit has arrived I can now start with the building and altering the ground floor.

Before that I have to do the boring bit, using watered down white emulsion,I need to paint all of the walls,  including the edges, this will stop any paint or glue being absorbed into the MDF, but never mind,I can see the starting position.

photo's for you of my tie boxes.