Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oops Santa has lost his teeth

We have a problem, while I was adding bits to Santa's work bench I misplaced his teeth!!!!
only joking, I came across some teeth in my stash and placed them on the woirk bench, looks kind of funny, yesterday I made items for the bench including paint pots, these are so easy, download little labels from web, resize, cut up small pieces of dowling, paint silver, add labels and there you have it paint pots, easy.

I also made the posting box, so today got to make lots of enevolpes and letters to go in it,
I also started to make toys, in my picture you can see the train in progress,

Thank you for your lovely comments, I ma still searching for the makers of the dolls clothes.

Did you see that programme last night on telly about miniature animals, so cute, I do not think I would dress them though, it makes them look silly, and looking at Muppet I think I may have a tiny dog, she is now 5 mths and not growing very fast but she is so cute and loveable, we are begining to get her house trained, its working just the odd mistake now,

I usually put my Christmas decorations up on the 1st of December but have decided to wait for the weekend, got a lot of pain today so it will have to be a quiet day, I am going to sit today and continue knitting my sons Christmas present, a jumper, 1 sleeve to go, never again will I let him choose a pattern, it has 16 rows to the pattern and its fine till you come to increasing and decreasing, then its hell, its not the sort of pattern you can see by eye, so I have had to work out the rows, why did he not ask for a scarf!!

lets get on with the photos

see the paint pots, Santas teeth on the shelf

post box, and partly made train

my miniature puppy, Muppet

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