Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Only the small

Hi All

Thank you for your kind words, 
My bruises are slowly going and it is easier move.  That's the only thing about my condition, if I have a fall or an injury, my body reacts by giving me severe pins and needles in my legs and loads of pain, I have to increase my pain medication and wait it out.

I am  so glad I have my miniatures, they help to keep me distracted. Anyway enough about that.

I am continuing to work on men's accessories, I have been making socks, gloves and hankies, bugger are they fiddly, my first attempt of socks were not very good,  I thought  by sewing 2 shapes of socks together, they would look good,but they turned out to bulky.
so I made them by using  a single piece of material, they looked much better. 

The hankies were a lot easier, I just cut up strips and folded  them,placed them in a box and  covered them.

It is so fiddly making tiny bits,  my fingers  are to big, bits get dropped  never to found, the wrong bits stick together, and we call this fun,some call it madness,whatever it is I love it.

here's a photo of yesterdays work.

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The grandmommy said...

Your goodies look great! Yes, it can be maddening cant it? And yes, we love it! :-D