Friday, 31 January 2014

Its Happening

Hi All

First I must thank you all who have left a comment, its lovely to read your comments and to know you are enjoying what I say and do. XX

Yes its happening, I have started to put the shop together, this looks easy I said, forget that, I discovered I needed to have 4 hands, screws and lots of patience.

I took the first bit, this was the smaller side, glued where it said to glue, ( I used grab it glue) attached it to the floor, I did have the sense to put some masking tape to help hold it in place, went away and had  cup of coffee, when I came back, I took the larger side and did the same, but as I moved it they all fell off, so I thought " why not use tiny screws to help hold it together, this is where you need extra hands, the air got very blue as I tried to hold, glue, and screw!!! in the end I yelled for my son, he came running thinking something bad had happened, he fell about laughing when he saw me trying to hold and screw ( that looks bad) but you know what I mean, so I held while he screwed, ( that looks even worse) . I am happy to say finally we got it to hold. 

I attached masking tape to give it that extra hold and have left it over night.

Having nightmares now, if this was difficult to do on my own, how the hell am I going to do my big house?

Apart from the fight with the shop, I did not do much, I started to make the soft furnishing that the shop will sell, I have printed my own fabric,  so I could keep up with the beach design.

I had an old settee, so I painted and distressed this, covered it with fabric that I had printed a map on, and then made 2 cushions and a bag, I want to make a few of these. I am also going to make aprons, oven gloves and tea towels.

My idea for this beach shop, is that it is a shop that sells accessories for your home decor.

Now I need to find a name for the shop that reflects this.

anyway enough chat, here are the photos  

have not yet removed the tape, if you hear loud screams you will know it did not stick !!!

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Villa Honey: Giveaway no 2

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Hi All

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my work.  It makes me happy to see that others like my work.

So what did I do? I was so pleased how the chest of drawers came out, I decided to do a chair, really getting into this painting lark now, I have been scouting about on the web and have found other painted furniture. I have made myself a file and saved some of the ones I really like and will be doing some more. I must not let myself get distracted, as I must finish my beach house first. See how good I am being, one project at a time.

anyway here are the pictures of what I did 

I painted the little charms

chest covered with maps, may fill this

shelf of shells

my painted chair

both finished

postcard holder

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Drora's minimundo: Giveaway for 600 followers

Drora's minimundo: Giveaway for 600 followers: Hello dear readers, As you can notice, you are back on my sidebar.  This couldn't have happened without  Jennifer's  help. THANK...

Drora is doing a give a way. check it out, her work is fantastic

more done

Hi All

Nearly ready to put the shop together, I did a dry fit yesterday, all seems well. Today I hope to put the shop together, then I can start to work on the outside, exciting.

I continued to make minis for the shop. I finished a mirror, I repainted the mirror with off white paint and then stuck shells around it, it came out well, and so easy to do.

As I said yesterday I have a surprise, today I can show you it. I am really pleased with it. I copied a real life chest of drawers, it had a seaside theme, it is now done in miniature, I only need to paint the sides and add the handles, 
Have a look and see what you think.

base colour for the surf boards

my take on the real life chest of drawers

the shell mirror

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Painting continues

Hi All

Yes I continue to paint, I hate this bit, cannot wait to start to put it together.

I finished painting the walls and added the striped paper, I now want to add wood to the top of the wood and skirting board to the base, hopefully doing that today.

I have found the window and door frame very flimsy and some have come apart, nothing tat a bit of glue will not cure, but I did expect it to be a bit sturdier, having looked at the plans, it seems very easy to put together, it comes with brackets so you can put it on the the wall, not sure yet if I will be using them.

I am now making some surf boards, these are so easy to make, I drew the shape of the board and then transferred this to thin balsa wood, (don't you just love balsa wood) I then sanded them into shape. I made some little thing's (not sure what they are called) they go on the bottom of the board, I assume to help keep it stable?

I then painted them in bright paint and will decorate them today, so watch this space, 

Well that's all for today, now I have written it down it does not seem like I have done a lot, but I have honest 

shape of surf board, then transferred to balsa wood

the surf boards painted and some other bits

got an idea for this, but keeping it quiet for now

Sunday, 26 January 2014

I continue

Hi All

I have been busy today, I decided on the paint for the inside of my beach shop, its called storm white, I was going to do it all in the same colour  but did not really like it, so I checked out my stash of papers and found a pattern I liked so I am going to put that on the wall with the colour at the top, have a look

painted walls 

the paper I will be using
I think this really says seaside, it reminds me of sticks of rock.

I then printed out some pictures onto photo paper, not sure yet if they should be framed or not.

I also painted gold some of my little minis, some are plastic but they took the paint well and looked good. The mermaids and dolphins I put onto wooden plagues to hang on the wall.

The rest will go onto shelves around the shop.

I made 2 mobiles, but I will have to tell you my first attempt was a failure, I thought of using some of my liquid plastic putty, well I threaded thin gold wire through the holes and then used the putty to hopefully fill the holes and hold the wire in place. This seemed to work well so I left it to dry, when I checked later it had melted the plastic, so that failed, so I used very fine thread instead. 

anyway check out my photos and see what you think